Let FBA handle 20% or more of your sales

As on online seller, you can let Amazon store your products and ship them, both in Germany and internationally. Your products don’t even need to be sold through Amazon first – whether you do it through your web shop or eBay, it doesn’t matter.

Simply send your products to an Amazon logistics centre. Amazon stores your inventory, takes orders from the warehouse, packs and ships them across the EU, even provide customer service in any language. Read about other sellers’ experiences with FBA [here].

€1.79 for Europe-wide shipping and warehousing for many products – Example costs:

You might think that a complete logistics service like FBA would be expensive, but you’d be surprised: Amazon has built one of the world’s most modern and efficient networks and brought together enough wide-reaching experience to give your business real value. With millions of orders, Amazon can get the kinds of discounts with carriers that individual sellers never could. Apart from the price, Amazon has fine-tuned the efficiency and quality of their logistics to perfection.

Example costs for selected products:

– SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD 13x10x1,8cm; 100g: €1.79
– Funk Weather Station 17x15x9cm; 280g: €2.57
– Salco Smoothie Maker 25x22x16cm; 1,5kg: €3.30

Current as of 01/2015 – all prices not including tax

Services included in example costs:

– Order processing & packing
– Shipping
– Reimbursement for product damages
– Exporting without surcharges
– Customer Service & Returns Processing
– Gift wrapping service
– Warehousing (30 days)

For more info on FBA pricing, see [here].

Source: http://services.amazon.co.uk/services/fulfilment-by-amazon/features-benefits.html.

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