78% of all online purchases start or end with Amazon…

…making it a 100% good choice for online sellers!

In 1995 Amazon started as an online bookshop, and soon after they expanded their offer to other categories. When Amazon first opened their marketplace as a platform to online sellers, they laid out their goal: to give sellers the best experience possible. They achieved this by focusing on offering a huge choice of products, a transparent customer review system, their 1-Click®-Ordering method, and fast and reliable shipping.

These principles haven’t changed much since then, and combined with Amazon’s success have made them one of the top rated companies in global satisfaction.

Features and benefits

When you sell your products on Amazon, you make your products easier to find and buy. Millions of customers visit Amazon to find exactly the products they want to buy. This has made Amazon one of the most successful online marketplaces.

As well as making products easy to find, customers also benefit from Amazon’s 1-Click®-Ordering method, giving them the most enjoyable buying experience around.

Selling on Amazon also give syou access to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA is a logistics solution that helps you increase your sales, and that you only pay for as you use it (pay-per-use). It offers first-class warehousing and shipping services through Amazon, as well as access to Amazon Prime customers and Amazon’s highly-praised customer service in any language.

So start selling today, by immediately putting making your products available on all five Amazon European marketplaces (amazon.de, amazon.co.uk, amazon.fr, amazon.it und amazon.es).

You get all the benefits, including Amazon’s Ecommerce experience, their powerful search engine, the advanced technology of Amazon Payments Europe and protection against fraud.

Make the right connection

If you’re selling on Amazon and you want to efficiently automate your data synchronisation, you need a professional interface. magnalister has been offering this service since 2009, in close cooperation with Amazon. Core functions and features include:

  • Prepare and upload items from your web shop or magnalister standalone (PIMP) to Amazon
  • Import orders from Amazon and other marketplaces, like eBay or Rakuten, to your web shop or other connected ERP
  • Synchronise prices and stock
  • Transfer shipping status to Amazon, including tracking code and carrier
  • Transfer order and cancellation status to Amazon

To use the interface, you only need an Amazon Seller Central account. For more information and activation, see [here].

For more info on the magnalister interface, see [here].