13 December 2017

Improved magnalister Features: Attributes- and Variation Matching

Selling on different marketplaces comes with an issue: marketplaces often require different attributes and variations for one and the same product. The struggle is solved: After months of development, magnalister is proud to announce the Attributes- and Variation Matching for each supported marketplace. The Auto-Matching feature helps to do this fast and convenient.

How does the Attributs Matching work:

Items in your shop system have several values like size or color. If you e.g. want to upload shoes with different sizes to different marketplaces, the product specifications have to match the values of each country and the marketplace.

The magnalister Attributes Matching makes your daily work easier and allows you to match your product’s attributes with the marketplace values. You can e.g. match shoes with size “43” with Amazon UK’s value “UK9”. The value for eBay Germany would be “EUR43” and for Amazon US “US10”.

This matching can be done directly with the magnalister. You don’t have to login to the concerning marketplace and don’t have to manually edit the item.


  • No further editing of your products necessary after item preparation
  • Only 1 attribute necessary in the shop which will be matched to the marketplaces and countries
  • More time saving by faster item processing
  • Increasing the product’s visibility on the marketplaces

New for eBay and Rakuten

  • Attributes Matching now available for eBay
  • Rakuten multidimensional variations supported for all compatible shop systems
  • Gambio properties now multi-dimensional

Update of the Attributes Matching for Amazon, Cdiscount and PriceMinister

Improved display and more options for matching product details from the shop system

How to use the new features

The Attributes Matching will be automatically available within the next magnalister update. Please update your magnalister plugin.

What to look at:

We tested the new feature extensively. Nevertheless we recommend you to backup your data before you execute the update.

In some cases it may be possible that some products must be prepared and uploaded again.

Should you have further question, feel free to contact our Support Team.


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