1 December 2017

Increased protection against piracy at Amazon with trademark registrations

The program for trademark registration offers merchants, who have an own, registered trademark a way to protect their products as a brand on Amazon as well.
The advantages and requirements:


Especially for brands, distributed by multiple merchants, the trademark registration offers you the possibility to keep control at title, bulletpoints and the product-description. Owners of the trademark are able to set the pictures and keywords as well.

The EAN (European Article Number) is not neccessary anymore if the trademark is registered. Usually the EAN is mandatory for all products listed on Amazon. Alternatively as the owner of the trademark you are allowed to use a different labelling.

In case of legal infringements from other sellers, who e.g. are connecting to trademark protected ASINs, while are unable to distribute brand products, the owners of the brand registry can easily enforce their rights. For example is Amazon offering a way to report infringements of the protective right.

Not everything is allowed to be registered

Product groups like books, music, videos, collectibles, DVDs and similar media, figurative and sound marks etc. are excluded from the registration. Since figurative and sound marks can not be presented in the product description, purely descriptive details can be included, which do not provide an exclusive right of use for themselves.


Usually a grace period for the use is provided from the moment of registering the mark. Instead Amazon requires for the Amazon brand registry pictures of the products and packages, with the protected brand-name permanently attached. Amazon states: “If the product is not equipped with the brand, the package have to be equipped with it.”

Which data is required for the brand registry?

The name of the brand
The registration number
Pictures of the trademark logo
A list of product-categories, registered for the trademark
A list of countries, where the brand is distributed and products are placed
A product-picture, which shows the brand logo or the brand name on the product
A product-picture, which shows the brand logo or the brand name on the package
The link to the website, where the products with according branding are shown
As authorised reseller, you will need the declaration of consent of the trademark’s owner
Key-attribute for the branded products or use EAN (Important: The attribute has to be unique for every product)

Listing brand registered products

If existing products already use the brand name and the keyattribute, the brand registry apply automatically. If the values are missing, the brand name and key-attribute have to be added later manually.

Find additional information about the brand registry at Amazon


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