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24 July 2014

New magnalister Interface for osCommerce

magnalister is the European #1 osCommerce-plugin, that connects marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. Now, magnalister’s services are also available in English Language.

The strength of magnalister lies in our shop system interfaces. With an ever-growing collection, we make it easy to run and automate the processes behind your store, even across many different marketplaces, no matter which shop system you use. Now, sellers who use osCommerce can take advantage of magnalister’s functionality and make their lives easier with our new osCommerce interface.

Conquer not only eBay or Amazon, but also the German eCommerce market!
If you’re not already using osCommerce, here are a few reasons why you should maybe consider it. In the 12 years they have been in existence, osCommerce have provided the tools and infrastructure to help hundreds of thousands of people set up online stores. As well as providing access to marketplace giants such as Amazon and eBay, they also help sellers reach a wider, more diverse market through their connection with many smaller online stores, many of which are well-known and widely-used in Germany and throughout Europe. These include, MeinPaket, GetDeal and Rakuten.

If you are already using osCommerce, then click here to see how magnalister can make your experience easier and more productive. With only a few clicks, you can upload individual products, entire categories, sync statuses across different marketplaces and manage your billing, all centrally.

Progress, Progress and Progress – just for you!
This osCommerce interface is only the newest in our collection. We are constantly working to develop more interfaces, to provide an efficient selling experience to customers across as many different marketplaces as possible.