31 March 2020

magnalister Now Supports Automatic Invoice Upload to Amazon

By participating in Amazons „VAT Services“, sellers have the opportunity to provide their buyers with invoices in two different ways: Ether Amazon creates their invoices including VAT or they upload their own invoices to Amazon and the marketplace simply takes care of the VAT calculation. This service is offered by Amazon as part of the VCS program (VAT Calculation Services). Further information on participation in the Amazon VCS program can be found here.

magnalister now supports the invoice upload to Amazon directly from your webshop. Go to the “Amazon” tab of the magnalister plugin -> “Configuration” -> “Invoices | VCS“ and configure how you want to use the invoice upload feature. Our Amazon interface provides merchants who already participate in the Amazon VCS program the following possibilities:

1. Amazon creates my invoices

Invoicing and VAT calculation is done entirely on Amazons side as part of the VCS program. Please configure this option in the Amazon Seller Central. Once you have decided on this method, you only have to choose it in magnalister.

2. I upload my own invoices to Amazon and Amazon calculates VAT for me

Please configure this option in the Seller Central first. Then magnalister gives you the possibility to either upload invoices generated in your shop system or our plugin generates invoices by itself. In both cases the invoice data is uploaded to Amazon and the marketplace calculates the right VAT.

3. I do not participate in the Amazon VCS program but still want to upload my invoices to Amazon

An invoice upload is still possible without participating in the Amazon VCS program. However, you will not benefit from the advantages of the VCS program (see below). In our plugin you can set this option and upload invoices generated by the webshop or by magnalister.

Amazon VCS Feature magnalister

On our own behalf: The magnalister plugin currently covers the basic functions of the invoice upload to Amazon. We are continuously working on the further development of this feature and need feedback from you. Are you missing any settings? Please contact us at support@magnalister.com.

Participation in Amazon’s „VAT Services” is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • You will be displayed as an Amazon Business Seller and receive a badge
  • Your ranking can improve and you have more chances to be listed with your products in the „buy box”
  • Your products are displayed for B2B buyers with net prices
  • Amazon’s automated invoicing saves time and money by reducing customer queries

The basic requirement for participation in Amazon’s “VAT Services” is upgrading to “Amazon Business“ (it’s free). Further conditions apply, such as a valid VAT number. More information can be found here:



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