2 July 2020

New for Our eBay Interface: Individualize VAT Rates During the Item Preparation

From now on, merchants can determine the VAT rate individually per item during Item Preparation in magnalister. This is particularly relevant for selling products to business customers on eBay and showing net prices and VAT separately in offers.
eBay Interface Individualize VAT RatesThe exclusive sale to business customers can be activated in the magnalister marketplace configuration under Item Preparation -> Miscellaneous -> Restrict to Business.

For a better understanding we will show you below how to best configure the VAT for the eBay interface:

1. Define a default VAT rate for eBay

Enter a default VAT rate in the magnalister marketplace configuration under Item Preparation -> VAT. The entered value will be shown when you prepare a new item.

2. Individualize the VAT rate during the Item Preparation

During the Item Preparation you can change the VAT rate for the selected products. The default VAT rate from the magnalister marketplace configuration will be overwritten when you change it and will be transferred to eBay when you upload your product.

What happens if you do not store a default VAT rate in the magnalister marketplace configuration?

If no value is entered, it cannot be transferred to Item Preparation. If you upload products prepared without VAT rate, no VAT rate will be submitted to eBay. Business customers will only see the gross price on the marketplace.

Additional important information:

  • To use the new VAT function for eBay, please open the magnalister plugin and click the update button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • If the VAT rate is changed in the Item Preparation for a product already uploaded to eBay, it is not automatically updated via Price Synchronization. You have to upload your Items once again.
  • For B2C offers the buyer is only shown the gross price. However, the VAT rate transmitted by magnalister is visible to the merchant in the eBay Seller Hub.

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