15 February 2024

Sleeker, more Intuitive, Improved: the magnalister Plugin Gets a Fresh Update!

Following extensive functional enhancements over the years, the magnalister plugin is now unveiling a fresh look. This redesign not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of our tool but also enhances its usability, making it far more intuitive for you as a user. In this article, we’ll delve into all the critical updates and new features.

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A remarkable journey: from humble beginnings to a powerhouse tool

Magnalister is widely recognized today as a robust listing tool, seamlessly integrating shop systems like Shopify or WooCommerce with the globe’s premier international marketplaces. However, few are aware of its modest inception. Far more humble than one might imagine.

Tracing back to 2007, magnalister’s ascent began under the moniker “xt:booster”, with an ambition to bridge osCommerce shops to the burgeoning eBay marketplace. The endeavor was a success, marking the start of what would become a significant chapter in e-commerce history. As of today, our customers have imported over 150 million products, processing more than 7 billion euros in order imports. Astonishing!

Time for a Fresh Look

At magnalister, we dedicate ourselves daily to enhancing our software, striving to make it incrementally better. Over the years, this commitment has led us not only to integrate dozens of new shops and platforms but also to roll out innovative features such as price-inventory synchronization, automatic invoice generation, and much more.

Moreover, magnalister has evolved to offer an app for modern cloud solutions like Shopware Cloud, showcasing our relentless effort. Our Berlin-based team has been busily maintaining and expanding our leadership in the multichannel segment for many years.

However, one aspect that somewhat fell by the wayside, which we’ve been aware of for some time, is the aesthetics and design of our tool. Therefore, it was time for a change that would be immediately noticeable at first glance. We’ve recently embraced this challenge and, according to our customers, with great success!

New Look, Unchanged Excellence

The adage “Never change a running system” sparks much debate in a world fueled by relentless innovation. Yet, it’s not without its truths. But, does it hold up?

In any case, it’s a moot point for us. With our design refresh, we struck a perfect balance. In essence, we’ve given the aesthetic elements a comprehensive makeover, while preserving the tool’s core functionality and structure intact. This approach is bound to delight our loyal customers who’ve been with us through thick and thin.

Straight to the Point: The Latest Innovations at magnalister

Let’s cut to the chase and dive into the recent enhancements we’ve implemented in the magnalister plugin.

Subtle yet Significant: Key Visual Enhancements

The visual appeal of our tool had not quite kept pace with its acclaimed functionality. To bridge this gap, we’ve executed a series of subtle yet impactful adjustments. These changes, though seemingly modest, significantly boost the user experience by introducing greater simplicity and intuition.

Highlights of the adjustments include:

  • Expansion of tabs for easier navigation across sections and categories
  • Harmonization of design elements across formats (tables, buttons, links)
  • Introduction of subheadings for better organization within table sections
  • Strategic repositioning of numerous buttons for optimal accessibility
  • A palette of color optimizations to enhance visual coherence (e.g., buttons, tables)
  • Amplified functionality through the adoption of responsive design principles

Beyond the aesthetics, a crucial update to note: magnalister has embraced responsiveness. This means the tool now adapts seamlessly to browser window widths down to 1,000 pixels, safeguarding functionality and clarity.

This enhancement not only enriches the desktop experience but also extends compatibility to tablet devices (such as a standard Apple iPad with a resolution of 1080 by 810 pixels). Now, you can manage your product portfolio effortlessly from anywhere, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Anticipate Excitement: Major Announcements in the Works

The recent design overhaul of magnalister marks a pivotal step forward, yet it’s merely the opening act of our forward-looking agenda. For close to two years, a groundbreaking new concept has been in the works within the creative confines of our Berlin loft office, affectionately dubbed “Eureka.”

Here’s the thrilling part: A completely new platform is on the horizon, packed with an array of novel features, seamlessly incorporating the magnalister experience you’ve grown accustomed to. The catch? We’re keeping the finer details under wraps for now. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s next!

Unlock Seamless Multichannel Success with magnalister

Diving into the expansive realm of E-commerce? Whether you’re setting up your own webshop or targeting international marketplaces, magnalister stands as your bridge to millions of potential customers awaiting you.

Our plugin forges a smooth connection between leading webshops and the foremost international marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon, and beyond. This enables you to centrally manage all processes directly from your storefront.

To streamline your operations, magnalister offers a suite of invaluable tools, such as:

  • Unified product uploads
  • Synchronized price adjustments
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Automated order imports
  • and much more

Compatible with virtually all the top webshops, including Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop, as well as the biggest national and international online marketplaces, magnalister is your all-in-one solution. Experience the full spectrum of features with our 30-day free trial program.

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