31 January 2023

Introducing the magnalister Team: Markus (Developer)

In our new series of posts we will introduce you to the faces behind magnalister one by one: From development to design, marketing and customer service to management, you’ll get to know many members of our dynamic team.

Today it’s Markus’ turn. His responsibilities as a long-time programmer include numerous tasks in the areas of development, planning, troubleshooting and performance, among others. He was already on board when magnalister was still called “xt:booster” and had only a fraction of today’s features. In other words: Markus is considered a true magnalister veteran!

All questions we asked Markus as part of his introduction as well as his interesting answers can be found here:

Introducing the magnalister team: Markus (Developer)

1. What are your responsibilities at magnalister?

Technology. Development, troubleshooting, rarely planning. My main focus is eBay, but also other marketplace interfaces, API, accounting system, plugin, server issues like databases, backup, performance. By itself, everyone in the core tech team does everything, but those are my focus areas.

2. What did you do before you joined us?

Previously I was with the former RedGecko project “xt:booster”, it was sort of the predecessor of magnalister, but only compatible with Gambio, xt:Commerce and eBay. The tool could also only post items and let the store know that an order arrived. Quite a difference compared to today!

Before that I was working for an esoteric service provider – there I was responsible for billing for phone calls and paid chats.

3. What do you like most about magnalister?

The first thing that comes to mind is that when a customer makes a request that is sometimes not quite so simple, I find a solution and can tell them: yes, let’s do so-and-so – and can help them in a direct way. There are also other things, magnalister itself is a great tool and the working atmosphere is great.

4. There are also stressful days at work: What do you do in your free time and how do you recharge your batteries?

I used to dance (standard and latin), but at the moment mainly internet and books, Finnish literature and music (sometimes a music festival in the summer).

5. Do you have a life motto or a mantra?

To be honest: Not really.

6. What does a perfect lunch break look like for you?

I don’t take a real lunch break at all, something to eat is enough for me.

7. What do you look forward to most after a long day at work?

Relaxing with an interesting book and good music.

8. What is your favorite snack at your desk?

I don’t really snack, but a banana is always good!

9. Do you listen to music at work? If so: what direction, at what volume and why?


10. Do you have a special talent? If yes: Which one?

I dance quite well. And I speak Finnish without an accent (but whether that’s a talent, or came from the fact that it was difficult and thus motivated me all the more, I don’t know).

11. Why did you choose magnalister as your employer?

I came to xt:booster through my network, and after that to magnalister. And it was the right decision. 🙂


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