23 January 2023

Introducing the magnalister Team: Miguel (Frontend Developer)

In our new series of posts we will introduce you to the faces behind magnalister one by one: From development to design, marketing and customer service to management, you’ll get to know many members of our dynamic team.

We’ll start with our Spanish frontend developer Miguel. He has been with magnalister for several years and is an essential part of our team.

All questions we asked Miguel as part of his introduction as well as his extremely interesting answers can be found here:

Introducing the magnalister team: Miguel (Frontend Developer)

1. What are your responsibilities at magnalister?

I am a frontend developer. This means that I am responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the magnalister website. Recently, I have also been taking care of other projects and tasks within the company by coordinating the people involved.

2. What did you do before you joined us?

I was already working as a freelancer for another company in the same industry.

3. What do you like most about magnalister?

The working environment. I have been with magnalister for a few years now and we all know each other well. I think we know how to treat each other well and fairly, and we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. That only comes from the experience of many years together.

4. There are also stressful days at work: What do you do in your free time and how do you recharge your batteries?

At the moment I’m learning Arabic, although I don’t know if that gives me energy or takes it away – probably both! In any case, it puts me in a whole other world, and that’s always good for me.

5. Do you have a life motto or a mantra?

Life doesn’t take me very seriously, so I do the same with it.

6. What does a perfect lunch break look like for you?

As a Spaniard, I can’t understand eating in front of the computer. A break at work includes good food and conversation with colleagues.

7. What do you look forward to most after a long day at work?

When I work in the office, I enjoy the walk home through the park. It helps me process all the things that happened during the day.

8. What is your favorite snack at your desk?

After a while I understood that I eat everything right next to my keyboard, so now I put fruit there to eat healthy.

9. Do you listen to music at work? If so: what direction, at what volume and why?

Yes. I listen to everything from metal to electronica to Spanish rock. Lately I’ve been listening mostly to what Spotify suggests to me, to discover new directions. And how loud? It depends on whether I like the task I’m doing or find them annoying . 😀

10. Do you have a special talent? If yes: Which one?

I think that I bring a good mood and atmosphere to the team and that helps to manage the daily work better.

11. Why did you choose magnalister as your employer?

I like the way of working and the team. I also value the relationship with our CEOs Peter and Semira, as they are direct, transparent, fair and flexible and we can talk about everything. We always find a compromise that we all feel comfortable with.


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