24 March 2023

Introducing the magnalister Team: Sebastian (Accounting & Office Management)

In our new series of posts we will introduce you to the faces behind magnalister one by one: From development to design, marketing and customer service to management, you’ll get to know many members of our dynamic team.

Today we continue with Sebastian. The Berliner likes to call himself “dogsbody” – and that’s no coincidence: On the one hand, he assists the management as much as he can, on the other hand he takes care of the accounting and management of our chic coworking space, which we maintain in an old substation in Berlin-Friedrichshain…

What he particularly appreciates about magnalister is the flat hierarchies and the opportunity to participate in important decisions.

All questions we asked Sebastian as part of his introduction as well as his interesting answers can be found here:

Introducing the magnalister team: Sebastian (Accounting & Office Management)

1. What are your responsibilities at magnalister?

Dogsbody: I take care of the accounting and administration, am responsible for the office and coworking management and assist the management.

2. What did you do before you came to us?

I worked in a coworking space.

3. What do you like most about magnalister?

The small team and the flat hierarchies enable quick decisions and you are involved in development processes. Important changes or new developments are discussed in the team and not decided in secret. In addition, the performance of the individual is recognized and rewarded.

4. There are also stressful days at work: What do you do in your free time and how do you recharge your batteries?

It depends a little on the season. I like to ride my bike and motorcycle or playing video games when the weather is not so good. Fitness training is also on my priority list again!

5. Do you have a life motto or mantra?

Work to live – not the other way around.

6. What does a perfect lunch break look like for you?

Eating something with colleagues and watching YouTube. 🙂

7. What do you look forward to most after a long day at work?

End the evening relaxing on the couch and watching a series.

8. What’s your favorite snack at your desk?

I hardly ever snack. But I rarely say no to a chocolate cookie or a beer after 4 😉

9. Do you listen to music at work? If so: what direction, at what volume, and why?

Yes, often, but not too loud. I prefer synth wave or chillout and the like. Music helps me to concentrate, especially when it’s a bit busier in the office. Right now I’m listening to “Melodic Chillstep” while typing these lines 😉

10. Do you have a special talent? If yes: Which one?

I can certainly be quick-witted. Otherwise, I have always been good at all organizational matters.

11. Why did you choose magnalister as your employer?

The variety of tasks and the opportunity to implement my own ideas and suggestions were a great incentive. Additionally, I was able to get to know the team right at the start at a great team seminar in Mallorca, which made me quickly “get into it”.


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