23 February 2018

Labelling of Amazon promotion mails

Due to recent changes, we’d like to inform you about an important fact, which affects your Seller-Messaging. For certain cases, the promotion-mails (Seller-Mails) have to be marked with “[Important]”.

Amazon weltweit mit magnalister

In which scenarios have the mails to be labelled?

Buyers are able to block certain mails from you. If a message from you is necessary to complete the order, you have to insert “[Important]” somewhere in the subject-line. Via this label, the mail will not be blocked and you will not receive a bounced-back-message.

For example, you should replace the subject “Additional information required” with one of the following:
“[Important] Additional information required” or
“Additional information required [Important]”

Buyers are also able, to tag your mails as inappropriate, what can lead to bounced-back-mails are not sent to you.Therefore, you should use your message “Additional information required” only, to request information, really needed to complete the processing of the order.

Change magnalister promotion-mail settings

In the magnalister-configuration of your Amazon-account, you will find the point “Promotion Mail Template”. There you can submit the necessary changes to the subject-line and add [Important]. These changes will be used afterwards for every magnalister promotion mail sent.


The spelling is not relevant. Is doesn’t matter, if you write “Important” or “important”. You have to make sure, to translate it for different countries and languages. [Important] is only to be used for english promotion mails.

Further information can be found in the Seller Central at Buyer-Seller “Messaging frequently asked questions”. If you have any questions, please contact our support.


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