Allow customers to buy your products – direct from idealo.

idealo provides a strong sales channel with idealo Direktkauf*, that allows sellers to generate 42 percent more sales on average. More and more sellers are activating the “Zum Kauf*” button, allowing users to place an order directly over idealo’s fully-integrated checkout function. And as is now usual, co-contractors are also standing by, who can take care of the shipping if you choose.
By using idealo Direktkauf* you can reach new levels of visibility for your products, as well as a higher conversion rate.

Purchase with only 3 clicks

Shoppers on idealo go through the checkout process in only 3 steps. After payment, idealo transmits the order to you, and the user becomes your customer all in the same step. All that’s left to do is ship the products.

idealo Quality Control

idealo strives to guarantee a high quality for sellers and buyers. To achieve this, they check the legal background and reliability of all sellers. This helps protect the sellers as well as the expectation of the customers.
Entry Requirements For sellers on idealo, the following basic requirements must be met:

  • You have a shop with an online ordering system
  • You don’t sell weapons, drugs or e-cigarettes
  • You offer at least 2 payment options (e.g. Paypal, credit card)
  • You are not a “Kleinunternehmer*”
  • You display your prices including VAT, and
  • You are not exclusively a B2B seller.

magnalister interface – connect to award-winning services

idealo has come out on top in numerous consumer tests around price comparison, including studies by the Software Initiative and an analysis by Westdeutscher Rundfunk on the topic of price comparison online. The June 2008 issue of PC Praxis awarded idealo first place, and the magazine “Guter Rat” gave idealo their highest grade in February 2011., an independent consumer ratings organisation, placed idealo on top of their rankings in Juli 2011.