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magnalister connection for Magento shop system

Magento is currently the most widespread shop system in the world, with a market share of 30% in Germany. Their customers include Gant, Nike, Olympus, Rosetta Stone and WMF.

Magento is especially suited for web shops with an international presence. For those looking to sell their products internationally, there are localised versions of Magento specially suited for each target country. These are pre-configured for the German market and includes a pre-installed language packet, and installation instructions and rules for the intended market, as well as other features.

Magento web shop interface from magnalister

magnalister is there for sellers with a Magento shop, and currently provides access to eBay and Amazon.

magnalister at Meet Magento DE

The magnalister team enjoys a close relationship with Magento — as well as other shop system providers — and has been appeared at this year’s Meet Magento DE expo in Leipzig, speaking on the theme of multichannel marketing.