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In 2000, Amazon began offering their Ecommerce platform to private sellers and other traders. Hundreds of thousands of leading brands and private sellers across the world are increasing their sales and reaching new customers through Amazon’s comprehensive Ecommerce platform.

Making higher sales possible

Through programs like Marketplace and Advantage, as well as Amazon Services, sellers have an easy way to bring their product selection to Amazon’s customers.

Partners like Benefit Cosmetics, bebe, and run their Ecommerce operations entirely through Amazon Services, which takes care of the technical side of things from merchandising and customers service to order processing.

Access more multichannel marketing

Other traders like Macy’s and Land’s End use Amazon as an additional marketing channel for their new products. Smaller sellers use the Amazon Marketplace to bring new and second-hand products, as well as collector’s items, to customers for a fixed price.

magnalister’s Amazon interface allows sellers to connect their shop to Amazon quickly and easily, and get their products onto Amazon directly.


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