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Our Etiquette

Doing business online has a lot of advantages: it’s fast, affordable and anonymous. That last part can be a disadvantage as well as an advantage. This assumed anonymity can sometimes lead to a lack of respect between businesses and customers. We want to do everything we can to ensure we continue treating you with respect and friendliness. Your satisfaction is a central concern in our existence as a company. Therefore, we ask you to please not hesitate to complain if we ever fail to show you the proper respect. We take your feedback seriously, as it’s the only way we can become better. We hope you will also treat us well, and that’s why we give our best.

The customer is at the front

Your satisfaction is the basis for good reliability and co-operation.


Where people work, mistakes happen. Only through tolerance can we learn and become better.

Respectful interaction

Respect is a right for us all, as people – not machines – make the internet.

Giving the best

By always giving our best, then we can always be proud of our work.

We are open to your suggestions and criticisms. Write to: unternehmensleitung [at]