Sage and magnalister: partners for your success

With over 6 million medium-sized customers, Sage is one of the biggest software providers in the world. The satisfied customers count on Sage’s efficiency, stability and security for the future.

The ultimate in teamwork

magnalister realised from the very beginning that the software and business opportunities that online sellers need to succeed depends on two things:

A professional ERP with automated accounting and efficient invoicing, and a web shop that can do good business on the big marketplaces, like eBay and Amazon.

The systems by themselves are already highly useful.
But it’s through the combination and cooperation with specific partners that sellers gets a truly powerful tool that helps them run their business. Sage and magnalister offer the necessary software and advice, all in one place.

For the smallest to the biggest businesses: flexible and scalable systems

Whether you’re a beginner or already established, Sage and magnalister offer solutions that match your budget and are flexible enough to fulfil your needs. No expensive setup costs or long training periods.

Our recommendation
Small to medium businesses:
Sage 50 + magnalister Ultimate

Medium to large businesses:
Sage Office Line + magnalister Flat / Enterprise