The Ultimate OTTO Interface: Connect Your Webshop Easily via magnalister Plugin

You have decided to sell products on OTTO Market? Congratulations! If you are now wondering how you can offer products from your online store on OTTO Market with very little effort, then you are in the right place. Maybe you already wondered how you could list all your products on the OTTO marketplace. Of course, you could enter your entire store inventory manually into OTTO Market, but this solution is not realistic in most cases. In addition, this would require regular manual stock and price synchronization, the import of orders, and individual shipping notifications for buyers. All of this requires an effort that is hardly manageable without reliable, technical automation. Even if you have programming skills or can afford to hire an external developer, transmitting product and order data via an OTTO API is not easy and therefore highly cost-intensive.

But there is an easy solution – our magnalister plugin. It contains the OTTO interface you need to get started on OTTO Market. This way, you can connect your own online store to OTTO Market without any programming skills – and, if you wish, you can easily add marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Kaufland or METRO. With magnalister, you can conveniently upload your products to each marketplace and manage your activities centrally via your own webshop. So if you would like to focus on selling or manufacturing, magnalister can be the key to your successful start at OTTO.

The magnalister plugin at a glance:

  • Product upload: Upload articles to marketplaces
  • Price matching: transmit prices fully automated or individually (per marketplace)
  • Synchronize stock levels: Always up-to-date stock levels between store and marketplaces
  • Automatic order import: Import and manage marketplace orders
  • Attribute matching: Match product variants and features with marketplace attributes
  • Order status matching: transmit order status (e.g. “shipped” or “canceled”) to marketplaces
  • Interface individualization: customize the plugin according to your own wishes using hook points


Table of Contents

The OTTO Market Interface in Detail: Core Functions of the magnalister Plugin

The Advantages of OTTO Market in a Nutshell

magnalister: Already Successfully Integrated into Many Shop Systems


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The OTTO Market Interface in Detail: Core Functions of the magnalister Plugin

Interface in detail core functions
Here’s how exactly magnalister can help you automate most sales and administrative processes using the OTTO interface in just a few minutes.

1. Product upload: Upload Items to OTTO Market

Upload items directly from your webshop to OTTO Marketplace. Our interface recognizes the products in your webshop. You can freely choose which articles you want to list on OTTO Market. With just a few clicks, you can prepare your entire product range or parts of it for uploading and offer it conveniently on the new shopping portal – without having to manually upload CSV files or assortment lists.

In the product preparation section, you can already view the categories available on OTTO Market. This allows you to correctly allocate your products in advance. In addition, magnalister automatically provides the relevant attributes required by the marketplace for the respective category. This makes your products optimally visible for buyers.

2. Price Matching: Fully Automated Transmission of Prices to OTTO Market

Price management, made easy: You can easily transmit your webshop product prices to the OTTO Marketplace. If you wish, they will be synchronized with OTTO Market via our interface as soon as you change the prices in your store backend. Price management can be done separately for each individual marketplace if you connect additional shopping portals such as Amazon or eBay via magnalister.

Alternatively, you can set different marketplace prices. magnalister allows you to add or subtract a percentage or absolute values to your webshop prices when submitting them. If you work with customer price groups in your webshop, you can still use them and store specific prices for each marketplace.

3. Synchronize Stock Levels: Stock Levels Always Up-to-Date between the Webshop and OTTO Market.

Thanks to the stock level feature, current product availability is passed on to the marketplace via the interface – if an order is triggered there, the stock level in the webshop is automatically corrected in the course of the order import. The 2-way synchronization is based on the matching of stock keeping unit numbers (SKUs)*.

In addition, external enterprise resource planning systems (WAWI) can also be synchronized in this way, as the inventory information is provided and managed centrally in the web store.**

4. Automatic Order Import: Import and Manage OTTO Orders

The order import feature of our OTTO interface transfers all marketplace orders to your store system. This makes it much easier for you as a retailer to process the orders. For example, you can centrally monitor shipping from your webshop backend. Which order information is imported depends on the respective marketplace. OTTO Market, for example, handles payment processing.

Inventory is also automatically adjusted in the webshop with the order import. Orders are imported in your store’s format and can thus be seamlessly passed on to a connected merchandise management system.

5. Order Status Matching: Transmit Order Status (e.g. “Shipped” or “Cancelled”) to OTTO Marketplace

Our OTTO interface automatically compares the status of orders with the marketplace for you. If you change the status in your store system to “shipped” or “cancelled”, these changes will be transmitted to OTTO Market as requested. This also applies to the tracking code stored in the webshop. This way, you always keep your buyers up to date.

6. Attribute Matching: Match Product Variants and Attributes (such as “Size” and “Color”) with Those at OTTO

The magnalister plugin offers a solution to one of the biggest pain points of online retailers: product attributes such as “size” or “color” often differ from the attributes allowed on marketplaces. With magnalister you can easily match the store attributes with the OTTO specifications (and other marketplaces’ attributes). This relieves you from frustrating error messages during upload.

Correctly assigned product attributes and variants are important for visibility on OTTO Market. This is because many buyers use the product search and filter function. This, in turn, relies on product variants and attributes.

7. Inventory Overview: Keep Track of Marketplace Sales

With magnalister, you never lose track of your inventory: no matter if you want to include OTTO Market only or also other marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay in your multi-channel sales. With the inventory overview, you can see at a glance which products are offered in which quantities, at which prices and on which marketplaces. In addition, you can very easily monitor whether the product titles match.

8. Error Reports: Providing Product Data Optimally for OTTO Market

The greatest effort in online retail is often necessary for the correct transmission of products. Each marketplace has its own peculiarities here. The magnalister OTTO interface already takes this into account during product preparation and product upload.

If an entry is still incorrect, you can see this with the help of the magnalister error reports. This way you know which product data needs to be revised in order to be listed correctly. Duplicates can also be found quickly at this point.

9. Interface Individualization: Design the OTTO Connection via Hook Points According to Your Own Wishes

With magnalister’s OTTO marketplace interface you can also implement individual requirements***. For example, you can add certain additional information to the article upload or individualize the order import: Hook points can be used to realize many customizations.


The Advantages of OTTO Market in a Nutshell

You haven’t decided yet whether to join OTTO Market? Here are some advantages that might be of interest to you:

  • Great reach
  • Customers’ trust
  • Quality
  • Optimized for different devices
  • Payment processing by OTTO
  • Simple fee model

When you sell on OTTO Market, you are choosing a strong traditional brand. The online store is also optimized for all devices. OTTO Market has a proud 2.5 million visitors per day and up to 10 sales per second. Products have to meet high standards to make it into the OTTO Market portfolio. This is how trust in the brand grows.

magnalister: Already Successfully Integrated into Many Shop Systems

We started small with our Berlin-based company magnalister, but have established ourselves in the market with this helpful plugin within more than 10 years. Our customers appreciate the software. Since 2009, merchants have uploaded over 70 million products via magnalister to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, OTTO, Etsy and more. Over 2.2 billion euros in order imports have already been turned over with our interface solution. By connecting the largest marketplaces worldwide, retailers have already reached over 110 million customers internationally.

Simply activate it – and magnalister is ready to use for the following store systems:

  • Shopify
  • Shopware
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • xt:Commerce
  • Magento 1
  • Gambio
  • modified
  • osCommerce
  • Commerce:SEO

With the new ROOKIE plan you can now even try the magnalister plugin with a limited number of products on the OTTO marketplace for an unlimited period of time. If you have any questions, our competent support will be at your side.



The magnalister plugin makes it incomparably easy for you to sell products on OTTO Market (and many other marketplaces) via your webshop. By synchronizing all important data, you keep track of everything at all times. Features like attribute matching or automatic price matching save you a lot of time and effort. This way, you can focus on the activities that move your business forward.

If you need help registering on, you might find an answer in our article “OTTO Market for online retailers: how to sell on OTTO“.

Test Our OTTO Interface for 30 Days Free of Charge and Participate in On-screen Training Worth 199 euros

You can try magnalister 30 days free of charge in full functionality. Our support will help you get the most out of OTTO Market right from the start.

Immediately after registering for your magnalister account, you can request a 60-minute free on-screen training session, during which we will show you how to upload your first products to the OTTO Marketplace. The prerequisite for this is that you have already been verified and activated as a merchant with OTTO. arrange a screen training appointment via our online booking tool:

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* Prerequisite for the inventory synchronization is that the stock keeping unit numbers (article SKU) in the webshop and in the marketplace are identical. In case of a product upload via magnalister this is guaranteed. If products are uploaded (e.g. manually via CSV files) with SKUs that differ from the store SKUs, no synchronization is possible without replacing the inventory via a magnalister upload.

** The function description may vary depending on the connected third party system (e.g. merchandise management).

*** The individualization via hook points requires programming skills.