Explore new territories with eBay!

If you’ve already conquered the domestic market, then now is the time to expand internationally. eBay offers many options to support you in this.

Numbers and facts

– Through eBay you can reach 124 million active users worldwide
– eBay has a specific homepage in 14 countries
– Sellers from 208 countries without their own eBay domain will see a local version of eBay.com. On these local versions, only selling is activated. Buyers will only see the offers that include delivery to their country.

The first step to international success

Before expanding internationally, sellers must first identify a market that not only has interest in their product, but also has a high buying potential.
According to eBay’s foreign sales manager Ulrich Buder, eBay.uk, eBay.it, eBay.fr und eBay.es offer great selling opportunities. For certain products it makes sense to make them available internationally, as there may not be enough demand domestically.

To discover the potential of different international markets, it is recommended to do a market analysis of each specific country. eBay offers an add on tool, Terapeak, that will help you with this. With Terapeak’s search and graphics tools, you can easily conduct foreign market analysis and sales projections.

Alternatively, you can go with the classic method and hire a professional market research agency, that can also perform deeper research on the future potential of specific markets.

The top 7 export countries for German sellers are:

– Austria
– UK
– France
– Ireland
– Italy
– Spain

Shipping with eBay – it couldn’t be easier

International shipping (for beginner sellers)

List your product on eBay as usual and select PayPal as payment method.
During the listing process, switch on international shipping for the relevant countries. This will make the product listing visible in the chosen countries.
For best results, it’s important to specify the international shipping costs und services – this will make your offer more attractive for international buyers. To make this easier, you can set up a personal shipping cost table that you can use for all all auctions.

Listing products on international eBay sites (the professional option)

Here, you list your products directly on the international sites and offer worldwide shipping. On each site you want to sell your products, you can create the listings specifically to appeal to the local culture.
To avoid issues with language barriers, it is recommended to refer to translation tools from third parties.

Both of these options are supported by magnalister. By setting up different prices for different customer groups, you can specify the costs customers in different countries.
If you’ve decided to start selling internationally, magnalister’s connection to marketplaces across the world will make it easy for you.