2 July 2020

New for Our eBay Interface: Individualize VAT Rates During the Item Preparation

From now on, merchants can determine the VAT rate individually per item during Item Preparation in magnalister. This is particularly relevant for selling products to business customers on eBay and showing net prices and VAT separately in offers.

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eBay Managed Payments: magnalister supports and automates order refunds

As eBay has launched eBay Managed Payments, magnalister offers a new feature for eBay merchants: From now on, order refunds can be issued directly from your webshop. This automation simplifies a time-consuming settlement process. To use this new feature, please update your magnalister plugin.

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magnalister Now Supports Automatic Invoice Upload to Amazon

By participating in Amazons „VAT Services“, sellers have the opportunity to provide their buyers with invoices in two different ways: Ether Amazon creates their invoices including VAT or they upload their own invoices to Amazon and the marketplace simply takes care of the VAT calculation. This service is offered by Amazon as part of the VCS program (VAT Calculation Services). Further information on participation in the Amazon VCS program can be found here.

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You Can Now Connect Amazon Netherlands via magnalister

You can now connect Amazon Netherlands to your webshop via our Amazon NL magnalister plugin. Dutch merchants in particular can benefit from the new connection – because it offers access to the world’s most popular online marketplace.

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You can now use magnalister with WooCommerce (WordPress)

Starting immediately, WooCommerce shop owners can sell their products via magnalister from WordPress to the biggest national and international online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Co. Online shop merchants can test our plugin for free for 30 days including all its features. Already during the testphase, you can take advantage of our magnalister support team via phone, email or live chat.

You can download our plugin for WooCommerce now on our website:


Note: Because we’ve just released our magnalister plugin for WooCommerce and it’s in its early bird phase, WooCommerce shop owners should anticipate regular plugin updates.

magnalister Shopify Featured App

The magnalister plugin for WooCommerce offers the following features:

  • Product upload: upload your products directly from WooCommerce to the marketplaces
  • Price synchronization: submit prices fully automated or individually (per marketplace) incl. currency conversion
  • Inventory synchronization: always keep your inventory between WooCommerce and the marketplaces up-to-date
  • Automatic order import: import and manage marketplace orders
  • Match attributes: match product variants and attributes with the ones from marketplaces*
  • Order status synchronization: submit order status (e.g., “sent” or “cancel”) to marketplaces
  • Plugin customization: customize the plugin via hook points

*not supported by all marketplaces

You can connect the following online marketplaces with magnalister (as of February 2020)

Our WooCommerce plugin currently supports the following marketplaces:

  • Amazon (DE, AT, FR, ES, IT, UK, USA)
  • eBay (worldwide)
  • Etsy (worldwide)
  • Rakuten (DE & FR (formerly “Priceminister”))
  • METRO Marktplatz
  • Cdiscount (France)
  • Ricardo

Connect a marketplace with just a few clicks

Here’s how you install and activate magnalister for WooCommerce:

Simply follow the next few steps, so you can upload your first product to Amazon, eBay and many more.

  1. Log into your WordPress backend, where you installed your WooCommerce shop
  2. On the left side of WordPress’ main menu, click on “plugins”
  3. Then, click on “install” and “upload plugin”
  4. Select the magnalister installation folder (zip format) and click “install now”
  5. Lastly, activate your magnalister plugin.

Now, all the way to the bottom, you can see the installed plugin in the main menu of your WordPress dashboard. To start selling your products on the online marketplaces, you have to add your prefered shopping portals to magnalister after you have signed up for your magnalister account.


As soon as you’ve activated your prefered marketplaces, go back to the magnalister plugin in your WordPress backend and click the update button on the top right corner of your screen. Now you can see the added marketplaces and can start with product preparation.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular shop systems worldwide

Currently, around 3.8 million shop owners use WooCommerce with WordPress. The shop system is installed as a plugin into WordPress and offers a user friendly webshop surface, which WordPress users should be familiar with. Worldwide, around 26% of online shops are operated by WooCommerce.

On top of that, WooCommerce offers their own plugin store, where you can find more than 50,000 plugins. Find more information about WooCommerce click here:

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Voted “Shopify Featured App” Twice: Shopify Editorial Staff Recommends magnalister Again as the Best Plugin to Sell on Amazon, eBay and Co.

The magnalister app for Shopify has been added to Shopify’s app store for the second time in a row since the middle of 2019. This listing in the “Featured” section also shows that Shopify merchants who already use the magnalister app are very pleased with it. 23 customers have rated us 4.4 out of 5 stars (as of Feb 17, 2020).

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