New Shopware interfaces with magnalister!

For Shopware sellers, the additional sales from marketplaces like eBay or Amazon are an important source of revenue, and sometimes also a guarantee of more sales.

By installing the magnalister plugin in only 5 minutes, sellers get access to these marketplace connections, as well as many more:

– Rakuten
– Allyouneed
– DaWanda
– Check24

In recent years, Allyouneed has become a major source of increased sales in the Christmas period. But the alternatives like, DaWanda, Check24 and Rakuten are also worth exploring, because of their high profiles and large sales.

DaWanda has created their API along with the magnalister team to specifically meet the needs of online sellers, offering great support as well as technology. If the user has problems or questions, both the magnalister and DaWanda teams will be there to help.

Functionality to make you smile

Uploading and listing products while meeting all the requirements of the marketplace becomes incredibly easy with the magnalister plugin, whether it’s single products or whole categories.

Orders will be imported completely automatically from the marketplace to your web shop, and the inventory and prices will be synchronised too.

When orders are shipped or cancelled, this information will also be transferred to the marketplace – you don’t have to do a thing.
This means your shop – or the connected ERP – becomes the control room for real multi-channel marketing, with the help of the magnalister plugin.

Shopware with eBat and Amazon – Pixup Media puts it to the test

magnalister, the market leader with more than 70 million product uploads and over 600 million euro worth of imported orders, has offered the eBay and Amazon connection for Shopware since December 2013. The tool integrates as a plugin into Shopware and can be brought up at any time with the menu item “Marketing”. With a couple of clicks, it lets you list products on the marketplaces through Shopware, as well as importing orders and synchronising prices and inventory.

Wer die gewünschten Marktplätze eingerichtet hat, muss nun die dazugehörigen Artikel für den jeweiligen Marktplatz vorbereiten.

Example: eBay
The process is more involved that on other marketplaces, but gives the seller more configuration possibilities. For quick and easy listings, an eBay template can be used.

eBay templates and magnalister variables

In magnalister’s eBay settings, you can configure the template. The configurations available include variables pre-defined by magnalister, such as the product title, the item number, description and images, as well as discounts or price increases. This job only needs to be done once, the very first time you transfer the product. If the template was installed correctly, all transferred products will be listed in the chosen design.

It is also possible to prepare products before transferring them to eBay. All products can be selected, or filter them based on specific categories or manufacturers. Specific settings can be assigned to individual items.

Once you’ve prepared the chosen items, it only takes a few more clicks to transfer it all to eBay. As long as you don’t change the settings, the product will be synchronised from your shop across the marketplaces every hour. If an item is purchased on eBay, the inventory count for this item will be adjusted on Shopware as well as on Amazon. No template is necessary for Amazon, and the setup is a little faster, as long as you input the correct EAN number for every item in Shopware.

Reach more customers with promo-emails

Within magnalister you can create a standard email that will be sent out to all your buyers on eBay. With just one email you can reach many customers and spread the word of your online shop, as well as giving them an incentive to buy again with voucher codes.


magnalister is incredibly stable, and with our shared hosting server it runs completely problem-free. It’s also affordable to use magnalister: a flatrate for unlimited item and status transfers costs only €59 per month. Limited data transfers can be booked from €19 per month. With the simple configurations and low prices, it’s easy to build a powerful multi-channel strategy by combining magnalister with Shopware.