The B2B Ecommerce Solution for Those Who Want More

The entry into the B2B market requires your systems to be highly flexible and adaptable. All business processes must be coordinated, linked, and, if possible, automated according to your vision for your new B2B business. This is exactly the task for which the Shopware B2B Suite is designed and developed.

The B2B Suite extends the standard functions of your Enterprise Edition and gives you the opportunity to make your online shop a comprehensive and powerful business-to-business framework and integrate new features directly into your existing processes.


  • Precise management of rights and roles
  • Expanded approval processes
  • Budgeting and quick orders
  • High integration capability through framework approach
  • Targeting customers with specific pricing options

Part of the Enterprise Edition

The B2B Suite is available as an accelerator for the Enterprise Edition. As an extremely powerful and agile solution, Shopware‘s largest edition offers tremendous value to all merchants looking for unlimited scalability. In addition to the large range of functions, Shopware offers all Enterprise customers a number of special services such as 24/7 support, personal dealer support by a Shopware expert, and a specially developed training program.


  • fast, agile, pragmatic
  • scalable and modular high-performance architecture
  • low costs to implement in direct market comparison
  • high investment security and full service


Extensive Range of Functions and Individual Extensions

Enterprise search

This feature extends the search functionality of Shopware with a high-performance and extensively configurable content search, and not just at the product level, but also content from categories, blog posts, or CMS elements in themed shops. This feature uses Elastic Search Engine.

Dealer Integration

Shopware makes it possible to build a distribution network which connects and integrates dealers and suppliers into an existing system landscape.
An unlimited number of retailers can link their online shops with a master shop and thus interact with each other. Shopware middleware technology is used to create this network. Dealer integration allows you to bundle product assortments, distribute them using various filters to specific dealers, and push them to the shops of your choosing. Complex filters are used to create assortments that are fully and automatically updated when a new product is added.

Build your own Marketplace…

… almost like a classic marketplace in your city, just digitally. This opens up the possibility of connecting online shops of other dealers and distributing their products. Shopware’s middleware technology imports the product data from the connected shops.

Even dealer without a Shopware shop can provide their list of products as a CSV file. A real-time update in the central, cross-shop purchasing process ensures that product data, such as inventory and price, are always up-to-date. Orders of imported articles are fully automatically forwarded to the respective ERP or shop.

Client Management

This function allows linked shops to be managed via a central interface and all relevant metrics viewed clearly and centrally. Predefined roles such as article editors, marketing managers, or admin help you manage the users and their rights for the various shops. The users you set up can also be assigned to several shops and individually configured so that the number of user profiles remains clear and easy to use.

B2B as a New Sales Opportunity

B2B Ecommerce is a big part of the digital transformation and will grow to over €1 trillion in Germany alone by 2020. More and more companies are wanting to enter the B2B marketplace and are launching their own online shops. The growth is enormous and there is still plenty of room to carve out a share in the markets. However, a B2B online shop entails a whole host of other measures: your shop and CRM require (digital) product data, an integrated ERP system, and a uniform infrastructure and cross-departmental processes.

Shopware is a complete Ecommerce solution and provides support for you and also marketplaces like Amazon as you make your way into the B2B world.
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