“Important notice: The Rakuten.de marketplace was closed by the provider on 15 October 2020. magnalister therefore no longer offers the Rakuten.de interface. As an alternative to the Rakuten.de marketplace we recommend Etsy as one of the most popular online shopping portals. The marketplace can easily be added to your magnalister account. Get started now.”

International and ambitious

Rakuten Ichiba is named after Rukuichi-Rakuza, the first free and open marketplace in Japan.
When used as a verb, raku is the Chinese word meaning to enjoy something. In the name Rakuten, his expression reflects the positive feeling of shopping as entertainment.

Rakuten started as a marketplace in Japan, and is the leading Ecommerce platform there, since they have practically everything for sale. Founded in 1997, the company grew rapidly, and now is now valued at 15 billion US$.

With that kind of financial power, founder and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani is pursuing his goal of knocking Amazon and eBay off the top spot. Ambitious, for sure, but with a business culture based on long-term partnerships and confident decision making, it’s worth taking Rakuten seriously as a real alternative for online sellers.

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