“Important notice: The Rakuten.de marketplace was closed by the provider on 15 October 2020. magnalister therefore no longer offers the Rakuten.de interface. As an alternative to the Rakuten.de marketplace we recommend Etsy as one of the most popular online shopping portals. The marketplace can easily be added to your magnalister account. Get started now.”

An alternative to eBay and Amazon

The Ecommerce platform Rakuten.de is one of the leading German marketplaces with connected shop systems, and offers a varied and constantly growing product selection.

Visitors to rakuten.de can choose from more than 22 million products from more than 7,200 active sellers across all of Germany.

This complete solution is perfect for Ecommerce beginners or as a new sales channel to grow your existing online shops, as well as a multi-channel solution. In Austria, rakuten.at offers the same function.

The full service offer from Rakuten Deutschland GmbH includes handling of payments, customer communication throughout the order process, as well as protection from risk in the case of non-payment.

magnalister connection for leading shop systems

Whether it’s Shopware, Magento, xt:Commerce or Gambio: magnalister gives online sellers more control within Rakuten.

Core functions include:

– Upload products from your web shop
– Import orders to the web shop
– Synchronise inventory and price
– Category matching
– Configure deviating prices
– Promotional emails

As well as Rakuten, magnalister lets you activate further marketplace connections, such as to eBay or Amazon, through your web shop.
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