Better ranking on Amazon

The chances of success with online selling are high: Over 20 million monthly visitors to Amazon from Germany alone, and over 300 million worldwide. 78% of all online purchasing decisions start or end with Amazon.

But, as appealing as those numbers look, without in-depth knowledge and a workable concept, success on Amazon is not guaranteed. With over 10,000 seller registrations, the magnalister team knows which hurdles sellers need to overcome to get the best out of Amazon.


Success with a click – yes and no

Before you start to sell on Amazon, it’s important to have your expectations set realistically. On the one hand, there’s the opportunity to shoot your sales figures sky-high. It can be easy to think that uploading a product is enough, and that the rest will take care of itself.

On the other hand, Amazon follows a strict set of rules, so that customers have the best buying experience. These rules are one of the main reasons for the success of Amazon and their sellers. This means that sellers need to meet the standard of quality that Amazon expects, otherwise product listings might not be published or could be ranked badly – or in extreme cases the seller account could face sanctions, like a temporary or permanent suspension.

Follow the rules

The magnalister team visited Amazon in Luxembourg in 2010, and were introduced to the Amazon philosophy: Amazon wants to be the best online marketplace in the world, and puts the customer experience above all else. Their success proves the validity of this concept.

They explain their philosophy with an example: no child should be disappointed on Christmas morning, just because a gift wasn’t delivered on time. Consequently, Amazon sellers who sell toys and don’t use Fulfillment By Amazon, are blocked from selling in the period before Christmas. It may seem like an unfair restriction, but it’s necessary in such a system that has to function so perfectly, down to the smallest degree.

Clear product offering = more customers

From the very beginning Amazon aimed to always have clear product offerings. The same product should not be listed several times, if several different sellers are offering it, or if one seller uploads it several times to cover a wider range of search terms.

EAN codes are used to identify specific products, so Amazon requires one of these codes when uploading a product. This can take some effort, especially if there are a lot of variations in the product (like different sizes and colours) – each of these variants requires a separate EAN code.
But just using EAN codes correctly isn’t enough to get your products listed: after upload, Amazon checks that the title and content match already listed products with the same code. If they don’t match, the seller gets an error report.

This all means that new sellers will need a period of time to familiarise themselves with Amazon’s system. But once you get used to the rules and have figured out how to upload products the right way, the process becomes much easier.

Meet your delivery times

Amazon puts a lot of value in reliable deliveries. It’s important to calculate your shipping times realistically and do what you can to ensure you meet them. Amazon tracks your shippings to see that they stay on time, and are also looking out for how often your orders are cancelled. As your cancellations go up, your products’ rankings will go down. This could also lead to the temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

Get a better ranking with FBA

One of Amazon’s main marks of quality is fast, reliable deliveries. Amazon has amassed a lot of experience and built one of the world’s most modern and efficient shipping networks, that you can also benefit from. Let Amazon handle the shipping on your products, and you can save time and money, as well as getting a better ranking. It’s also a great way to increase your sales, as many customers now use Amazon Prime, which grants them access to products shipped by Amazon.

Concept consultation from magnalister

EThe basis for success in online retail is finding the right concept that fits in between ERP, web shop, and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay

As well as free tutorials and product support, our experts offer concept consultation. We will analyse your business structure and workflow, and advise you on how to achieve greater success in multi-channel marketing and marketplace selling.


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