Amazon Inventory Management: Connect Amazon to Your Online Shop and Manage Your Inventory Centrally

The leading Amazon inventory management plugin magnalister lets you sell products directly from your own online shop and automate subsequent processes. With our Amazon connector, you can not only link the German Amazon marketplace to your shop system, but also the most lucrative international ones such as Austria, France, Spain, Italy, GB, USA, and Canada.

Profit from the following magnalister core features:

  • Product Upload: upload articles directly from your online shop to Amazon and many other marketplaces
  • Match Attributes: match product variants and attributes with those of the marketplace
  • Price Synchronization: submit prices fully automated or individually (per marketplace)
  • Inventory Synchronization: always keep your inventory uptodate between shop and marketplaces
  • Automatic Order Import: import and manage marketplace orders
  • Order Status Synchronization: submit order status (such as sent or canceled) to marketplaces
  • Invoice Upload: submit invoices created via magnalister from your online shop to Amazon****
  • Plugin Customization: customize plugin via hook points according to your needs

On top of these features, our Amazon plugin magnalister offers a simple and practical solution to use the Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS). You can automatically submit invoices that you have created from your webshop to Amazon. magnalister also lets you generate invoices via the plugin and submit them to Amazon. This service is called VCS Lite. In this article we will explain why you as a B2B merchant should take part in Amazon’s VCS program.

Our magnalister plugin is available for most popular shop systems (check out a complete list here). You can get your 30 day free trial now including all features.


Professionalize your online sales with our Amazon integration

Connect the world’s largest online marketplace Amazon to your online shop system and conquer one of the most important sales channels in the World Wide Web. Upload your products directly from your online shop to Amazon, automatically import Amazon orders and manage their status, and administer your inventory and invoices centrally.

Increase the reach of your shop, win new clients and professionalize your sales on Amazon. The perfect solution for all of this is our plugin, which you can connect to your online shop backend*.

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Here are the detailed core features of our Amazon inventory management system plugin

You run your own online shop but want to additionally sell your products on Amazon? You can start now and automate your business on Amazon with just a few clicks. Become a successful Amazon seller quickly and efficiently and now learn about our plugin features that have been perfected to use with Amazon.

Product upload: Upload your products to Amazon within just a few minutes

Product upload is one of the core features of our Amazon connector. You can choose between uploading individually selected products and uploading full-on categories. When you upload your products individually, you can customize them before uploading, i.e. assign different titles, unique article descriptions or additional product images.

Uploading products via magnalister is a two-step process: In the first step, you prepare your products for the upload. Now you have two options:

  1. Request new products to be picked up into the Amazon catalogue incl. matching attributes
  2. Match your products with the Amazon catalogue

Especially the matching features massively simplify the preparation of your products for Amazon. Product matching means your articles will be matched with their own identification number (GTN, EAN, UPC, ISBN, MPN) and can be uploaded. If you choose this option, article titles, descriptions and other product characteristics will be applied from the Amazon catalogue.

In the following paragraph, we will discuss attribute matching for the preparation of new products in more detail.

If you’re done preparing your products you can save them in the magnalister plugin. Now on to step two: The actual product upload. If you have a look at the Upload tab, you can see all correctly prepared products incl. their most important information such as inventory and prices as well as the selected method of preparation. From here you can now submit single or several products at the same time to Amazon.

Matching attributes: match product variants and attributes with those of Amazon (i.e. size and color)

Save loads of time preparing your products for Amazon with the following unique feature our plugin offers when matching attributes: this feature allows for you to prepare product variants and attributes already so that Amazon is going to accept them.

That’s how our plugin provides you with a solution for one of the biggest pain points of online merchants: Your product attributes such as size and color often differ from those that Amazon allows. Thanks to magnalister, you can comfortably match shop attributes according to Amazon’s requirements. This saves you time and frustrating error reports from Amazon in case you didn’t submit your products correctly.

Attribute matching has another advantage: Correctly assigned product variants and attributes are vital for the visibility of your products on Amazon. Many sellers only use the product search including filters, which refers back to product attributes.

Here’s an example: A buyer is looking for a white sneaker, size 43. Amazon lets them refine their search by using filters, so that they will only see offers that match exactly. Thanks to correct attribute matching between your online shop and Amazon, you will certainly show up in the filtered search results of the customer, which of course results in a higher chance of sales for you.

Price synchronization between online shop and marketplaces such as Amazon

Our Amazon inventory management plugin magnalister allows you to directly upload the latest article prices to Amazon and many other marketplaces that you connected via the plugin. You can synchronize pricing changes automatically from your online shop to the marketplaces or offer the same product at different prices on various sales channels.

You can determine different pricing via price or customer group directly through your shop system and thus choose percentual or fixed pricing surcharges or reductions for the connected marketplaces in the magnalister plugin.

Synchronize inventory via Amazon Order Fulfillment: Keep your inventory updated with our Amazon connector

Sell on Amazon and many more marketplaces and still centrally manage the inventory in your own online shop or the connected inventory management system: The magnalister inventory feature synchronizes your shop inventory with that of Amazon and all other connected marketplaces and always keeps it uptodate.

Here’s how it works: as magnalister imports your orders, it also identifies your online shop product with the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). If the product and SKU are available in the online shop and match with the product that was bought on Amazon, magnalister automatically reduces the inventory of the online shop product. Because your online shop data is the basis of your data, inventory management systems that are connected to your shop can synchronize their contents seamlessly**.

A small but important detail: If you do not want to sell a product on Amazon at the moment, but have it sell only in your online shop, you can determine this inside the plugin via the option Inactive Items.

Not all online shop owners want to use inventory synchronization. That’s why it can be deactivated inside the magnalister plugin as well.

Automatic order import: import Amazon orders and manage them from your online shop

Via automated order processing, you can import all Amazon orders directly into your shop system. If you use Amazon FBA, you will receive an FBA note as you import, so you can differentiate. The Amazon order ID will also be stored which allows orders to be assigned and selected better. Our Amazon connector also ensures that your shop system recognizes the information that is submitted from the marketplaces, such as delivery or payment option, and is stored correctly within the order details.

Our email templates let you inform your Amazon customers about their order status – directly and automatically from your shop system. We even prepared placeholders for you which you can use depending on status.

Order status synchronization: submit order status from your online shop to Amazon

As you know, Amazon customers log into their account and check the status of their order, such as sent. Also, Amazon requires this information to determine your reliability as a seller. You can submit order status changes such as sent or canceled directly from your online shop to Amazon. Delivery companies as well as tracking codes can also be submitted to the marketplace and its customers.

You profit double from this feature: Not only is the handling simplified, but submitting the order status raises your chance to receive better product placement in Amazon’s rankings – incl. the sought-after Buy Box.

Invoice upload: Transmitting invoices created from the webshop or from magnalister to Amazon

By participating in Amazon’s so-called “VAT services”, sellers are given the opportunity to provide invoices to their buyers in two different ways: Either they let Amazon create their invoices including VAT, or they upload their invoices to Amazon themselves and the marketplace only takes care of the VAT calculation. Amazon offers this service as part of the VCS programme (VAT Calculation Services). More information about the Amazon VCS programme can be found here.

magnalister supports the invoice upload to Amazon directly from your webshop. You can set in the plugin which form of invoice transmission to the buyer you use.For merchants who already participate in the Amazon VCS programme, our Amazon interface offers the option of having invoices generated automatically by Amazon itself or having invoices generated either from the shop system or by the magnalister invoice wizard and then transmitted to Amazon. In the latter case, Amazon carries out the VAT check (VCS Lite).

Hook Points: Customize the Amazon connector according to your own needs and sell products more individually

Specific applications call for customization via hook points.

You want to submit specific product components, such as the product description, to Amazon in a certain way? Or is some order information so important to you that you want to use your own fields in the backend of your shop? Thanks to update-secure hook points, you can customize your Amazon connector in a way that it fits your needs and workflow. At the same time, your products will show on Amazon perfectly.***

Experience all the features of the magnalister interface in detail in a free on-screen training from magnalister.


Our Amazon integration also lets you sell internationally

magnalister allows you to easily connect the international Amazon platform to your online shop. As of July 2020, we support the following international Amazon marketplaces:

  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon USA
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon Australia
  • Amazon Singapore
  • Amazon Austria
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Spain
  • Amazon Netherlands

Special internationalization features make selling in other countries and currencies much easier. Our Amazon integration can submit your products with the correct currency and removes language barriers from the start as it makes use of the languages available in the online shop.

Get your free trial of magnalister now and get started on Amazon

Have we convinced you yet about our Amazon plugin magnalister? Then you can try this Amazon integration now, get started selling your products on Amazon, and automate order processes.

Connecting your first Amazon marketplace to your shop system only takes a few clicks and a few more in case you want to connect international ones as well. Our plugin is available for most shop systems and can be tested for free for 30 days with all features.


Our Amazon integration for your shop supports the following shop systems

Our Amazon inventory management plugin magnalister is everything you expect it to be: a complete and fully integratable software solution for listing and inventory management. For years we have been working together with the most popular shop systems.

Our interface solution can be installed as a plugin, seamlessly fits into your shop backend* and relies on the many native features of your preferred shop system. And in case you want to switch shop systems, you don’t have to get used to a new surface of the plugin, because look and feel will remain the same.

Currently, magnalister is available for the following shop systems:

  • Shopify
  • Shopware
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • xt:Commerce
  • Magento 1
  • Gambio
  • modified
  • osCommerce
  • Commerce:SEO

Connect Amazon even without your own shop system and manage with magnalister “PIM”

Via a central connector, you can sell on various marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, METRO,, and many more – without even having your own online shop. That’s magnalister “PIM.”

Through this, our plugin acts as a middleware and can be customized according to your needs and is hosted on our servers. That’s how we have created an efficient SaaS solution for your online business.

We help you to get started with our Amazon connector and optimize it. Personally.

We think that building a sales channel online and marketing products on the world’s largest platforms such as Amazon should not be complicated. But we also know that whoever is just starting out with their Ecommerce or wants to increase the reach of their online shop via platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc. has a lot of questions.

Our expert team supports you from day one. Already during your 30 day free trial, you can ask our support to help you get started with the plugin and / or optimize it. If you have any questions about how you can connect specifically Amazon to your online shop, we can answer them as well. Here’s how you can reach our support:

Via email:
Via live chat: Click here

Amazon and magnalister – the perfect team

We work closely together with Amazon on developing our plugin. If Amazon changes their sales processes or adds new features (such as Amazon VCS) for merchants, our plugin is prepared for most of them. We always check whether or not these new additions make sense for our merchants or if they need them and always ensure our tool is uptodate.

Regular plugin updates for all supported shop systems are also part of our customer service as is informing you about news at Amazon and the other marketplaces with our newsletter. On top of that, we have our blog keeping you updated with all things Amazon as well as providing you with tips and tricks about selling your products on Amazon.

Our merchants have already achieved the following using our Amazon connector to sell on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.:

  • Since 2009, merchants have sold over 105 million products to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more
  • Our plugin has helped process more than 3 billion EUR in order imports
  • Thanks to the connected marketplaces, our merchants were able to reach more than 110 million customers internationally

Have we convinced you? Then connect your online shop via our Amazon connector to Amazon today.

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* Ways to integrate and features depend on the shop system

**Feature descriptions can vary depending on connected third-party system (i.e. product management)

***Customization via hook points requires programming knowledge

****Requirement: Using the Amazon VCS program