PriceMinister as a Partner

Unlike Amazon, PriceMinister isn’t also a seller – it exclusively acts as a middle-man between sellers and buyers. This means that the success for the seller is also success for PriceMinister.

According to the ideology of the parent company Rakuten, the marketplace views itself as your partner: it offers security, and supports you personally as well as technically, with many tools on offer.

Guaranteed Payments for Sellers, and Security for Buyers

PriceMinister guarantees payments for every sale, even in the case that the payment fails on the side of the buyer. On the other side of the relationship, the buyer is guaranteed a refund if the items are damaged or not delivered. This increases both the trust and reach in the company.

Your Personal Advisor: The Ecommerce Consultants

Once you sign up as a seller, PriceMinister provides you with a personal advisor for each product category, from their so-called Ecommerce Consultants (eCC).

They provide help and advice, not just in terms of marketing your products, but also guiding you through setting up your account and supporting you with every question you have about the marketplace.

Rakuten Tools give you more Power

Super Boutiques, Newsletters und Loyalty Points – just a small sample of the huge range of tools available for your business.

Make a Better Connection with your Customers

Thanks to the Rakuten connection, PriceMinister can offer you many great functions to market your products better and to make a more meaningful connection with your customers – all at no extra cost!

Rakuten Super Boutiques

When you register as a seller on PriceMinister, you will be asked a few short questions, in order to set up a very simple shop for your needs. This shop is already connected with the marketplace and serves as a way to present and market your products.

Here, you will have the option to set up personalised subcategories. On top of that, you can customise the design even further using HTML. From the very first step, and every step of the way, your personal Ecommerce consultant in on hand to advise you.

Info: Currently, it is not possible on PriceMinister to allocate your products to custom categories via an interface, such as magnalister. Product allocation must be done in your seller account.

Rakuten Super Points

Get closer to customers with loyalty points: The concept has been used across many industries, and now marketplaces are getting in on it too. With Rakuten Super Points, the customer receives a certain number of points, based on the value of their purchases, that they can then use to buy other products in turn.

As a seller, this doesn’t cost you anything extra, and you also have the option to run special offers, so customers can earn even more points. For more info, check with your PriceMinister advisor.


The platform allows you to generate coupon. This way you can offer customers discounts on your products and run special offers – the easiest way to make customers happy!


Send targeted newsletters via PriceMinister to your customers, to let them know about new products, special offers and Coupons, and give your sales a boost.

PriceMinister offers these and even more opportunities to market your shop – from ad campaigns running on the marketplace, to targeted placing of your products in the Super Boutique.
Additionally, the PriceMinister Universities offer seminars and webinars, hosted by experts, so you can get even more useful know-how.