The Perfect Entry Point to Europe’s Biggest Ecommerce Locations!

Once you’ve established yourself in the domestic market, it’s worth taking a look at how you can expand your horizons. Within the EU, it’s easy to make your products available internationally, and reach new customers and revenue sources.

To achieve this, it’s worth looking at local, successful marketplaces: Amazon and eBay are the biggest players globally, but in some countries they have been relegated to second or third place by local competitors. This is especially the case in France, where PriceMinister has established itself as one of the biggest, alongside Cdiscount. This is your chance to make a big entrance into the French market, with Europe’s third-largest Ecommerce marketplace.

Everything Easier Than Expected!

Trading with international customers is no longer a hurdle within the EU, but it’s worth taking note of a few factors:

Product Pages and Legal Text should be presented in the Local Language:

Make sure you provide your product pages, as well as the legal disclaimers, in the respective language of the country you’re selling to. In France, among other places, this is a legal requirement. If you or your team don’t speak these languages, it’s a good idea to hire a translator. Not only does this protect you from fines, but it also is much more effective at appealing to customers than a description in a foreign language.

Translations can be acquired from the following providers, among others:

Follow all Import Orders and Bans

Make sure to check the legal status in the country you’re exporting to. In certain circumstances, some items may have special import terms, or even be illegal to import.

Shipping Internationally:

Learn about your options for shipping providers, and find out which one gives you and your customers the best value for money.

As for customs, you don’t need to worry – thanks to trade deals and the European Union, there are no customs charges for trade within the EU.

Information about international shipping with DHL can be found here.

So what are you waiting for? Start your cross-border trade with magnalister international!

The magnalister interface supports the biggest international shop systems and marketplaces. We’re focused on constantly increasing our compatibility with the marketplaces that are interesting to you.
The system is flexible, and is set up to support different languages and currencies.

So why not start selling internationally today?.