Over 22 Million active members – 9 Million unique visitors…

… that’s one-third of France’s internet users, all together on one powerful platform, that becomes even more powerful with the support from a strong business.

PriceMinister was founded in 2000, and has grown at a tremendous pace. After the portal was acquired by the Rakuten Group in 2010, the range of available products grew to over 200 million items. In the meantime, PriceMinister grew to become the second-biggest marketplace in France, even overtaking the local branch of eBay .

Their recipe for success that brought them to this point has always been a combination of the sellers, the buyers, and the trustworthy third-party, PriceMinister themselves.

Take this opportunity, and sell your products with PriceMinister.

More Firepower for your Marketing, with the Rakuten Tools

Since 2010, PriceMinister has been part of the Rakuten Group, a Japanese internet business that has been growing across the world since 1997.

After joining with Rakuten, PriceMinister could grow even further, as well as offering their users some new, useful features. These tools have given sellers the ability to market their products even more efficiently. For example, with SuperBoutiques, you can create your own micro store within the marketplace itself, where you can send your newsletter to your PriceMinister customers, activate special offers, and boost your sales.

These functions, and the combined selling experience that Rakuten provides, can help you push your business further.

Enter Europe’s Third-Largest Ecommerce Marketplace

Here’s your opportunity to take a big step into the French market – and maybe even your first step into the international market. New customers and increased sales await.

Shipping to France is easier than you might expect. Within the EU, all kinds of trade are generally exempt from customs.

Manage everything from your Web Shop – magnalister makes it possible!

By using magnalister’s multifunctional interface, you can avoid the whole complicated process of setting up on a new marketplace. Just use the magnalister plugin to connect your web shop to PriceMinister, and you can manager your inventory and orders all from one central location!

The tool includes these core features:

  • Upload items from your web shop to PriceMinister
  • Import orders from the marketplace automatically
  • Synchronise inventory and prices automatically across marketplaces
  • Synchronise order statuses (e.g. “Sent” or “Cancelled”)

If you have any special requirements, our plugin uses a Hook-Point-System that makes it flexible and easy to customise.

The One Interface for the Biggest Shop Systems

magnalister is compatible with the following shop system software:

  • Shopware
  • Gambio
  • PrestaShop
  • Magento
  • xt:Commerce 3
  • xt:Commerce 4
  • osCommerce
  • Commerce:SEO
  • modified

… and we’re constantly working on adding more and more web shops!