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magnalister’s professional interface, compatible with PriceMinister, makes it easy to list your products on the marketplace, and manage all your inventory and orders from one central location.

The core functions include:

  • Upload items from your web shop to PriceMinister
  • Automatically import orders from the marketplace
  • Automatically synchronise prices and stock count
  • Synchronise order statuses (such as Sent or Cancelled)

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We also support the following PriceMinister features:

Prepare and upload products to PriceMinister:

  • Set up a new product: Create your own title, description and add photos
  • Variation support including Attribute Matching
    • PriceMinister accepts only two different variation types: Colour and Size. These will be set up as variations through magnalister, as long as the variations have been set for the product.
      All other variation types will be uploaded as separate items with a variation tag.
  • Manufacturer Filter
  • Image Catalogue is configurable in many shop systems
  • Info: Category management via interface in your Rakuten Super Boutique is not supported by PriceMinister.

Order Import:

  • Import all orders
  • Select customer groups
  • Select order status
  • Select shipping method
  • Select payment method
  • Automatically send confirmation email to customers after order import
  • Automatically accept orders upon order import
    • PriceMinister requires that sellers either accept or turn down an order within 3 working days of the order. If a seller doesn’t comply repeatedly, the account may be blocked!
      With magnalister, you can configure the settings so order imports automatically accept the orders.

Price Configuration:

  • Synchronise prices
  • Set different prices for different customer groups
  • Set percentage discounts or increases
  • Set fixed discounts or increases

Inventory Count:

  • Automatically synchronise stock count
  • Use shop inventory or a fixed inventory value
  • Inactive items will be treated as 0 stock available

Transfer Order Statuses:

  • Transfer Sent status to PriceMinister
  • Transfer tracking code and carrier details
  • Transfer cancellations to PriceMinister


  • Inventory view
  • Delete items from PriceMinister
  • Error log

Customise your interface further, with Hook-Points

If you need more than the above features, or want to customise your interface, the plugin can be individually modified using our Hook-Point system.

magnalister – compatible with the following shop software:

  • Shopware
  • Gambio
  • PrestaShop
  • Magento
  • xt:Commerce
  • osCommerce
  • Commerce:SEO
  • modified
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

Get the right support

If you encounter problems or have any questions about the functions of the magnalister interface, you can check our FAQs for the solution.

We also offer telephone and email support. For guidance and further help, on-screen assistance is also possible.

And the best part is, support is fully included in the package (except for the xt:Commerce 4 packages)!

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