Amazon Business Features: More B2B Opportunities Than Ever

In 2015, the Amazon Business Program was introduced in America for B2B sellers. In its first year, the feature already generated more than a billion dollars, with 30,000 sellers and 300,000 businesses signed up. The growth rate was about 20% per month.

After having successfully launched in the US and Germany, Amazon Business is now available on Now, even more business customers can purchase on the new Amazon marketplace – from small businesses to large corporations and institutional buyers like universities, hospitals and non-profits. The Amazon Business programme is available to sellers based in the UK, Germany and internationally, and includes also the top service Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

As an early adopter of Amazon Business, the magnalister Team is pleased to announce that we are ready to support Selling to businesses on and Our solution is now fully compatible with all new Amazon Business features such as Business Pricing, Quantity discount price and the VAT Calculation Service.

New and existing sellers interested in the Amazon Business Seller programme can learn more and register at (see more details written below).

The Functions of Amazon Business at a Glance

  • Display prices with VAT and without
  • Block pricing and volume discount
  • VAT Calculation Service
  • Payment by Invoice
  • Premium Shipping and Fulfilment by Amazon for business customers
  • Reach both business and private customers
  • Roughly half the usual warehousing charges (independent from sales volume)
  • Expanded seller account
  • Better visibility with the Amazon Business seller tag
  • Comprehensive analysis tools
  • Many B2B sellers on one platform
  • Multi-User Accounts

VAT Calculation Service

With this tool, your prices will be calculated so that verified business customers will see your listings without VAT.
When you opt to use this service, Amazon will take over the issuing of invoices to your customers. This service is required to use the Amazon Business Seller badge.

After activation of the service your offers will show VAT-exclusive prices to business customers on and This helps you increase your chances to win the buy box. The service, once activated, will also provide VAT invoices on your behalf for all your Amazon customers. Click here to learn more about the service or here for our FAQs.

Please note that after completing the enrollment process, Amazon will get back to you within 4 days to verify your information. Activation of the service is expected to happen in the coming weeks.

Setting up this service is surprisingly easy:

Payment By Invoice – Amazon accepts the risk

Allow customers to pay for your products by invoice. Verified business customers can choose this option and Amazon will assume all risk in case of non-payment. This means, as a seller, you have the opportunity to use the most up to date payment methods in B2B – with zero risk and guaranteed payment by Amazon.

B2B selling made quick and easy with the magnalister interface

Using magnalister, you can already get started with Amazon Business and/or the Amazon VAT Calculation Service. Please note that you first need to join the Amazon Business programme and enroll into VCS. You can click the links to follow Amazon’s tutorial, to see the documentation or to be called by an account manager trained with Amazon Business.
As usual, you can get the best support while using the Amazon Business Program by using the magnalister interface. To give you the best opportunities to market your products at the highest level, the plugin gives you the following:

  • Designate products as Business Offers at the Upload stage
  • In the Import stage, B2B Orders are marked with the Business Logo in the overview
  • Separate price calculations for business offers
  • Set block pricing for business offers
  • Set offers as for business customers only or for all customers

Become a B2B Seller on Amazon now

To participate in Amazon Business, click here and activate the Amazon Business Seller Program. The only requirement is a “Professional Seller Account” (can be upgraded in your existing Seller Account, too).

Fulfillment by Amazon:

With FBA, sellers can store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
When customer orders are received, Amazon will pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for these
products. With Amazon’s Pan-European FBA program, Amazon Business sellers of any size can reach customer in other EU countries.
Sellers listing products with FBA make them eligible for free shipping, and for winning the Amazon Buy Box.

Not selling on Amazon yet?
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We currently support the following shop systems:

  • Shopware
  • xt:commerce 3 und 4
  • Gambio
  • Magento
  • modified
  • Commerce:SEO
  • Prestashop

If you have any questions, please contact our support or call us on
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