Open up the world of Ecommerce

Studies show that 67% of German online sellers are already running their business internationally, and earning more because of it. And this number is only increasing!*

This current trend is paying dividends. Those who have started selling internationally are already enjoying higher sales and a greater variety of customers.

The possibilities of international selling

International online trade is still an up-and-coming business, as the trend towards internationalisation is still in its early days, and many business sectors are still under-utilised.
Those who get in early can secure a lot of potential. A study by DHL shows that customers, especially those in younger target groups, are increasingly more prepared to make purchases from international online shops.
By expanding your shop internationally, you don’t just make your shop more competitive, but you also give yourself a better chance at success, especially as a newcomer to online selling.

A wider selection
Customers are more inclined to make purchases from international shops, especially when those shops offer a wider range of products that aren’t available in the customers’home countries.

Better prices
If customers find a certain product available for cheaper in an international online shop, it’s a safe bet that they will choose this option – likely factoring in the higher cost of shipping.

Fast shipping all across the world
Marketplaces like Cdiscount or Amazon can offer sellers their professional logistics solution, shipping products from their many warehouses.
Cdiscount also takes care of shipping and return management.
Customers tend to put more trust in shipping provided by these
well-known marketplaces, as they’re recognised as fast, affordable and reliable.

Easy, secure payments
The availability of online payment methods has lead to an increasing willingness to buy from international shops.
Payment solutions like PayPal make it possible to pay across international borders with minimal hassle.

To ensure the security of your money transfer, PayPal offers both seller and buyer protection.

Language barriers are no longer a problem for international selling. Most marketplaces now offer different tools, addons, translations partners or interfaces, to professionally translate your site content and product descriptions.

Customs: Easier than you might think

Within the EU
Packages can be generally shipped within the EU with no customs information or tax required (exceptions apply only to specific product groups, such as alcohol and tobacco).

Outside the EU
Packages shipped from outside the EU to an EU country generally requires customs to be paid. The amount of customs tax depends on which class of products is being shipped.

For general information or a contact phone number, click here.

Get the know-how: Expanding internationally with magnalister and Cdiscount

magnalister features:

Language: Check ✔
magnalister offers many configuration options to translate your content and product descriptions before transferring them to the marketplaces. You have complete control over which translations are used on which marketplaces.

Note: The official language of Cdiscount is French.

Price: Check ✔
As well as languages, magnalister lets you set individual prices for specific marketplaces and countries.
If you organise your customers into separate groups (for example, Cdiscount customers and direct shop customers) you can set an individual price for each item and for each group. magnalister’s price synchronisation will take care of everything automatically.

Note: If you don’t set a price for a specific customer group, magnalister will automatically use the standard price from your web shop.

Tax Rate: Check ✔
In general, magnalister will calculate the appropriate VAT amount when orders are imported based on the shop system.
magnalister does not receive information on the tax rate of purchased items from the marketplace. For this reason, the SKU number of each item from your web shop needs to match with the marketplace. This way magnalister can transfer the exact tax rate for the specific country.

Note: If the item isn’t found in the web shop, magnalister will use the taxrate set in the configurations under:
magnalister > #Marketplace# > Configuration > Order Imports > VAT for Non-Shop Items.

With magnalister, good advice comes as standard
If you have a questions, just ask. Any problems you have or information you need about selling internationally with magnalister, our
Support Team will be happy to help you.


  • Global partner with many years experience in Ecommerce
  • Access to successful international marketplaces
  • Customer support in English, German and French

Click here to learn more about the functions and services included in the magnalister interface. You can learn about all magnalister features in detail in a free on-screen tutorial from magnalister.


Easy shipping with Cdiscount

Sell more, without the additional expense and effort – with the professional logistics providers from Cdiscount.

Warehousing and shipping: Check ✔
Cdiscount offers a professional logistic partner, Clogistique. To make use of this offering, simply send your products to one of two warehouses in France. Cdiscount will not only take care of your stock, but the packaging, shipping and return management too.

All products that are stored in the Cdiscount warehouses
and shipped via Cdiscount are given the status “Expédié par Cdiscount” (Fulfillment by Cdiscount). This gives the product a better selling rating, meaning customers will have a greater trust in the reliability of the shipping of the product.

As soon as your products are stored in Cdiscount’s warehouses, the complete customer service (CRM) and return management will behandled by Cdiscount.

Click here for general information, rates and requirements.


* Information accurate as of August 2016
**RedGecko does not guarantee the accuracy of this information