Cdiscount helps you increase your selling potential

Targeting your products and marketing them intelligently is of core importance to Cdiscount. This is how sellers across different categories have been able to use Cdiscount to achieve:

  • 1,629,041 product views,
  • 8,000 clicks on a single product,
  • A sales increase of 274%.

(Information: Autumn 2016)

Here’s how it works

Working with a personal advisor from Cdiscount, sellers can use the Pole Position Program to create a custom marketing plan. On top of the marketing plan, Cdiscount will provide you with the right tools (see below) to put this plan into action and reach your sales goals.

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Make selling even easier with the Pole Position Program

The Pole Position Program includes a collection of marketing tools from Cdiscount, that will help you to increase:

  • Your product visibility,
  • Your visitor traffic
  • Your customers’ trust in your shop
  • Your sales figures
  • And your positive reviews.

The following Marketing-Tools are part of the Pole Position Programm

Start your own ad campaign with “Sponsored Products”

With Sponsored Products, you can do additional advertising on Cdiscount. Sponsored Products are adverts placed based on keywords, on acost per click basis, that can help you boost your sales on Cdiscount.

Cost per click is a pricing model that lets you decide how much you are willing to spend on each click from a customer on one of your products. You only pay the cost when customers click.

To start advertising with Sponsored Products, contact your sales advisor at Cdiscount, or register for the Pole Position Program here.

After this step, choose the product you wish to advertise and enter a daily budget. You also have the option to set a maximum price, that will end the campaign when the number of clicks reach this limit. For example:

1. Price per click: €0.10
2. Maximum price: €100.00

→ Campaign ends after 1000 clicks.

You can of course restart the campaign again at any time.

Advantages of Sponsored Products:

  • You pay only for cklicks:
    You only get charged when the advert is actually clicked.
  • Advertise across all devices:
    Cdiscount displays the Sponsored Products adverts optimally on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Exact calculations:
    Optimise and keep track of how much you’re spending on adverts, and see how well your keywords are performing.

Note: Because Sponsored Products generally trigger in a large boost in orders, it’s wise to have your inventory suitably prepared.

Flash Sales: The nutral win-win situation

With Flash Sales, you can offer specific products at a large discount for a limited time. This marketing tool isn’t just great bait for attracting customers to the rest of the products on offer, but also helps you clear out slow-selling items and seasonal stock.

Experience shows that Flash Sales make customers happier. This means they’re often prepared to add another bargain item or two to their shopping basket – the optimal win-win situation for both parties.

Selling to the limit!

With Cdiscount, you have the opportunity to set individual product prices for specific customers. This tool is perfect for clearing unusual products out of the warehouse, and is also great for getting that special little thrill on both sides.

Take a holiday – with no worries

Ready for some sunshine? Need a little bit of time away from it all? With Cdiscount as your partner, there’s nothing to worry about. Activate “Holiday Mode” in your Cdiscount account and your products will simply be made invisible until you return.

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