Save Time With and magnalister

With the interface for you can connect your own online store with the online marketplace This enables you to optimize and automate processes that arise during sales on in a time-saving manner. In addition, the online marketplace interface allows you to manage your processes centrally.

Key Functions of the magnalister-Plugin

  • Preparing, modifying and uploading items in the online store
  • Import of orders into the online store or into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Synchronization of prices and inventory on all used online platforms
  • Transfer of the shipping company and order status including the tracking number
  • Individual extension and adaptation via hook points (code extensions)

Test the connection in full for 30 days free of charge. You have the possibility to choose between four different product packages, which exactly adapt to your requirements.

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Additional Functions of the magnalister Interface

The software interface provides the following additional functions for the online marketplace:

  • Attribute Matching
  • Product Matching

Attribute Matching With the Connection

On it is also possible to create items variants for certain categories. Product properties (attributes) such as size, color or material can be assigned to each product and different item variants can be created for selected categories. differentiates between mandatory, optional and user-defined attributes. The mandatory and optional attributes are queried directly by magnalister at the online marketplace. The assignment (matching) can take place in the software. As a result, the user’s own product characteristics no longer have to be adapted specifically for the online marketplace. If a variant of is not accepted, or if does not support variants for the selected category, it is created on the marketplace as a single master item.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the variants of are checked twice a week and then combined into groups. If you have any questions about variant creation, please contact the seller support.

Product Matching With the Online Marketplace attaches great importance to an assortment that can be easily sorted via UPC or EAN. The magnalister plugin provides two options for preparing products for transmission to “Create new products” and “Product Matching”. “Creating new products” is more convenient and faster, but after transmission it can happen that recognizes conflicts for the assignment to the existing offer.

With “Product Matching”, on the other hand, you can specifically select which item from the online store should be attached to which product at In this way, a 100% assignment is always possible. A distinction is made between manual and automatic matching. With manual matching, your own shop products are assigned via the EAN and the product title on Automatic matching attempts to automatically match the online store item with an existing product using the EAN.

The onlineshop API automatically detects whether the EAN is missing or has been assigned twice and informs the retailer of a message in the system. If the EAN is already known on, the products are placed on the online marketplace within an hour. All other items to be uploaded to by the retailer are temporarily stored at magnalister and transmitted to every day at midnight. The items are then viewed and processed by for quality assurance purposes. This viewing process may take between two and four working days at The status can be viewed in the administration area of the merchant account. Detailed error logs are also displayed in the retailer area. This enables you as a retailer to correct your faulty product files yourself in a short time.

Use as an additional sales channel and optimize your product upload with the plugin. Find out more about the marketplace interface.

Learn all the features of the magnalister interface in detail in a free on-screen tutorial.


Supported Online Stores Systems

We have already convinced many online store system providers of the magnalister interface. Currently you can integrate our software system into the following online stores:

  • Shopware
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • xt:Commerce 3,4 and 5
  • Magento
  • Gambio
  • Commerce:SEO
  • PrestaShop
  • modified
  • osCommerce

Support of the Online Marketplace Connection

This interface is constantly being further developed and its functions are optimised in order to be able to offer you an attractive and reliable interface in the future as well. The different requirements of the online marketplaces are of course taken into special consideration in the development and maintenance of the API.

Our support is included in the individual price packages. It will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Do you still have questions? Then please feel free to contact us.