Kaufland Enables Fair Merchant Conditions

Selling on Kaufland has its advantages. For example, Kaufland uses a transparent cost model strategy. The costs are communicated openly to the interested retailer from the beginning. In addition, the fees can be viewed online in the Kaufland area of the retailer. There are no contract terms and you receive the sales directly from Kaufland. Get an overview of the individual condition advantages at Kaufland.

Price Model for Kaufland Sellers

A monthly basic fee of EUR 39.95 net* is charged for the sale of products at Kaufland. This fee package includes the following services:

  • Unlimited listing of items on Kaufland
  • Personal seller support
  • No costs for payment methods
  • 1st-level End Customer Service
  • Lowest price automatic*
  • Logo insertion

*With the lowest price automatic, you can have your prices automatically updated to a certain minimum price. This means that your item price always automatically reacts to price changes from competitors.

For an additional 9.95 EUR*, Kaufland offers its sellers the option of displaying a link to their own online store in the Kaufland retailer shop. This offers the opportunity of increasing customer acquisition, especially for sellers who use the marketplace as an additional sales channel. A change to the standard model is possible on a monthly basis.

In addition to this fee, a commission is charged for each sale. The amount depends on the respective product category and starts at 6.5%.

For undecided salesmen the Kaufland market place can be tested 30 days free of charge. Both the basic fee and the fee for the link to the online store are cancelled.

Simple Sales Process on Kaufland

The process for selling items on Kaufland can be implemented quickly and easily. Registration for the Kaufland retailer account can be done online. Then you have to enter your products using the EAN. If an EAN is already known on Kaufland, it is usually placed in the online marketplace within an hour. Otherwise, the data will be activated by Kaufland between two and four working days. When ordering, the buyer pays Kaufland directly. You can receive the shipping information from Kaufland. Kaufland creates a credit note for you and simply takes off the sales commission for the product.

Take advantage of this opportunity and sell your items on Kaufland at fair retailer conditions. Find out more about product data management at Kaufland.

*Current status 10/2018