The Success Story of Kaufland Continues…

The retail chain has been working on its success story since 1992. It is one of the most innovative companies in the German retail sector. There are now 280 stores nationwide and a successful online store. Since its fusion with the shopping portal Hitmeister, Kaufland has become one of the largest online marketplaces. According to the motto “Once there. All in”, 12 million products in over 5.000 categories are available to online store visitors. With around 19 million visitors per month, the online marketplace is ranked in the top 3 in Germany. As a direct result, the number of visitors has almost doubled in just one year. In May 2017, the number of visitors was still ten million.

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Getting Better Known With the Online Marketplace Kaufland

By creating a retailer account on Kaufland you have the perfect opportunity to use the high brand visibility of Kaufland for your sales activities. The multichannel retail chain advertises on more than ten online and offline marketing channels, now. These include, for example, regularly scheduled TV commercials, social media channels, the sending of weekly flyers and product listings on price search engines. The aim is to make the online marketplace even more popular. With the help of these marketing channels, as an online retailer you can improve the reach of your offers. If your are a retailer, you can benefit from the connection of the Kaufland online marketplace to your shop system and increase your online presence, too.

Simplify Your Administration With magnalister

In order to make your offer well known, selling on marketplaces is an ideal option. We have developed an interface that enables you to manage your products even more easily. Use our plugin to automate, e.g., your warehouse stock or shipping status, thereby accelerating your administrative processes. Integrate the interface into your online store and create a connection to the Kaufland online marketplace.

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