PrestaShop and magnalister: The complete business solution

magnalister’s service offering is a professional, centralised interface that makes it easy and fast to connect your PrestaShop to the most popular online marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon.

With the magnalister plugin, PrestaShop becomes the perfect multi-channel marketing tool, as well as an inventory management system, and makes it possible to handle all of your products and orders from one central interface. You won’t need to connect any additional systems.
magnalister lets you manage all your necessary shop functions centrally and seamlessly, from issuing invoices to controlling your ERP.

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magnalister core functions

  • Upload items from your shop to the various marketplaces
  • Automatically import orders from the marketplaces to your shop
  • Synchronise prices and inventory across the marketplaces
  • Synchronise order status from shop to marketplace (e.g. Sent, Cancelled)
  • Hook-Point system for easy expansion
  • Attributs-Matching
  • Invoice upload

A closer look at the functions

Item upload
Before uploading your products across the various marketplaces, you can select which information to upload, including the product name, description and amount, from your web shop. All of these configurations will be saved, so you can always upload the products again, as individual products or entire categories.
Once the information is prepared, it takes only one click to send it to the marketplaces and start selling

Order import
All incoming marketplace orders will be imported via magnalister to PrestaShop – no matter how many marketplaces you’re connected to. You can also import the orders indirectly over a PrestaShop connected ERP.

magnalister also allows you to automatically send an email to your customer with each order received, as an order confirmation, or login details for your webshop.

Synchronise prices and inventory
magnalister will pull the relevant information from your PrestaShop database. So when you receive an order, or you upload new products to marketplaces like eBay, magnalister will automatically match the inventory count to reflect this new order or upload. Because magnalister directly connects to your PrestaShop, it avoids problems such as missing stock numbers.

The software also synchronize products, which are not uploaded through magnalister. For that, your products must have the same article-number in your marketplace and your web-shop (Notice: Please use only one specific article number for each product).

Synchronise order status
Some marketplaces only release the payment to you once the order status is set to “Delivered”. magnalister will automatically transfer any changes in order status to the marketplace, as well as the tracking code, every two hours.

Hook-Point System
As well as the flexibility of magnalister’s standard functions, the hook-point system allows you to customise the software to meet your exact needs (programming knowledge required).

These so-called “hook-points” are parts of the programme where additional expansions can be “hooked”, to work with the original software. These expansions can be created by the user, or alternatively, can be programmed by magnalister on request.

More advantages of using magnalister

  • Seamless integration with your shop system
  • Easy product upload to your selected marketplaces
  • Reasonable pricing and cancellation period
  • Easy selling on international markets
  • magnalister can be tested free for 30 days, with full feature capability

How to install magnalister

First, download magnalister from our Download Area and follow the installation instructions, attached to the download package. After registration and shop-activation, you will receive your PassPhrase, which allows you to activate magnalister straight out of your PrestaShop admin-panel.

If you need help or further instructions, we happy to help via telephone, email, or live chat.


The magnalister software will be regularly maintained and updated to the latest version. This and the other services ( e.g. support) are included in the package price and comes usually at no extra cost.