PrestaShop: A shop system on the road to success

PrestaShop came to life in 2008 as a project by 5 young students. Since then the online shop system has become one of the biggest in the world, to the point that it’s difficult to imagine what international Ecommerce would be today without it. The software solution isn’t just free, it also includes at its core everything that a user might need to set up their own online shop.

Additional expansions are available on the marketplace, covering everything from payment modules to full integration of ERP and CRM systems.
PrestaShop is the perfect partner, including for lucrative foreign business transactions: With the system’s multilingual capability, your shop can recognise which countries potential customers are coming from.

Numbers and figures

  • Over 250,000 active installs
  • User in over 200 countries
  • Available in 65 languages
  • 850,000 members in the PrestaShop Community
  • PrestaShop marketplace with over 3,500 modules and templates
  • SEO-friendly structure

Integrated SEO functions

PrestaShop can take you to the top of Google results. Unlike other solutions, PrestaShop’s basic configuration already includes an integrated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) functions, to help increase your visibility in search engine results.

For maximum impact on your visitor traffic, these SEO functions can be made more powerful with SEO expansion modules available in the PrestaShop marketplace.

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PrestaShop internationally

PrestaShop is the easiest way to create a web shop that works on the international market. Your shop’s front end will be translated into 65 languages, and you can offer flexible payment systems.

With the countless modules available, you can connect to local logistics and marketing partners, and make sure that customers trust your shop as an international Ecommerce destination.

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Welcome to the PrestaShop Community

With over 850,000 members, the PrestaShop Community is one of the biggest open-source communities in the world.
Online sellers, developers and designers from all over the world come together to discuss experience and advice, and make PrestaShop better and easier for everyone.
If you have a problem, you can find the answer in the already-asked questions, or ask it to the community of experts.

Advantages at a glace

  • Clear, customisable system structure
  • Specially designed for international business
  • High functionality even at the basic configuration
  • Simple management of your online shop

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magnalister is a certified industry partner of PrestaShop

The magnalister plugin for PrestaShop makes it easy to sell your products on the world’s biggest marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon.

  • Automatically upload your product and details to marketplaces at once
  • Import orders automatically
  • Synchronise inventory numbers and prices across marketplaces
  • Transfer order status automatically

And many more features that make it easier to manage data across many marketplaces.


Switch to PrestaShop easily

Switching to PrestaShop is quick, easy and safe. With a supported Ecommerce solution you can transfer your data with no risk of loss, using the PrestaShop partner Cart2Cart.

The software is specially designed to edit and transfer large data sets. Exact costs will be calculated depending on the amount of products, customers and orders you wish to transfer.

Cart2Cart supports migration from these solutions and more

  • Magento
  • osCommerce
  • xt:Commerce
  • Gambio

Click here for a list of all supported systems.

The PrestaShop Cloud solution

In addition to the software solution, PrestaShop offers a free Cloud version – the world’s first free Cloud solution. The PrestaShop Cloud version is suitable for all sellers, if you’re just getting started, or just want to transfer your established shop to the Cloud.

The PrestaShop Cloud version offers the following advantages:

  • No manual installation or updates
  • No irregular server costs
  • Maximum flexibility: The Cloud can be acce ssed everywhere, at all times, as long as you have an internet connection and a recent browser

Your first step with PrestaShop

Download and installation are fast, and then you can get started with setting up your online shop. To get you started, over a hundred functions are pre-integrated.

Take a look in the PrestaShop Add-On store to find almost 3,000 additional plugins, to completely customise your shop.

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Help and FAQs

To get the most out of PrestaShop, there are many opportunities to learn about everything it can do. Courses are held online as web conferences, and are available for every experience level.

Specific support for the most frequently asked questions can be found here .

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