Is your shop equipped to handle international trade?

A good shop system needs a wide variety of modules and a selection of partners, for logistics, tax, legal guidelines, currency exchange and local marketing.

PrestaShop is equipped as standard for the international market, with many useful functions and add-ons. For example, the basic configuration of PrestaShop will automatically detect which country your customers come from, and will display your shop in the customer’s language.

Using magnalister and PrestaShop together for international success

magnalister allows you to configure the Item Upload feature to translate your product descriptions for international shops. You control which languages are used on which marketplaces.

You can also set different prices for items depending on the country. For example, if your customers are divided into different groups (such as eBay customers and shop customers), you can set a different price for each item on each marketplace, and let it run automatically in the background.

The respective currency exchange can also be automatically managed based on country and marketplace. You just need to configure magnalister to work with your shop’s currency exchange module.

magnalister and PrestaShop can be configured to handle the various sales taxes in different countries. When you upload items or orders across your marketplaces, the tax zones and tax amounts will be calculated in the background for your saved countries. If the exact tax amount in not known, magnalister can be configured to apply a standard tax rate to these items.

magnalister and PrestaShop speak your language

This is the perfect partnership for selling your products internationally. Both magnalister and PrestaShop offer many functions to make international selling easier.

And if you need it, community members at the crowdin site offer more help, for example with international translations. Additional language packs can be downloaded from the PrestaShop server.

If you have any questions, our support team is here to help.