Powerful modules to help you sell more

In the PrestaShop backend, there are already over 310 integrated functions available, to give you complete control over your shop.
In addition, the official PrestaShop marketplace offers around 3,500 more modules and templates, so you can expand the capabilities of your shop any time you want. PrestaShop works with some of the most well-known companies in Ecommerce to bring you these functions.

Get a unique look
Your creativity isn’t limited here – you can edit and expand PrestaShop’s pre-installed visual themes based on your tastes.
In addition, there are over 2,000 professionally designed Ecommerce site templates for you to choose from.
And if you like, you can let the experts give your webshop a unique, professional design.

Use SEO to get to the top of Google
Get the best online presence possible with PrestaShop’s integrated SEO functions, and send your webshop right to the top of Google’s search results. Among other functions, meta-titles and -descriptions and SEO-friendly URLs will be created.
For even better results, this Step-by-Step Guide will also help bring you to the top.

Shipping and delivery
With PrestaShop, you can easily offer reliable shipping, and all you have to do is configure the necessary shipping options and destinations. Click here for a list of all shipping partners.
With PrestaShop’s tracking system, your customer’s location will be identified and the appropriate tax amount will be calculated, based on magnalister’s saved tax rates in the backend.

See the magnalister interface for more information.

Payment modules
With a total of 50 different payment solutions on offer (18 of them for free), it’s easy to integrate quick, secure payment into your shop.
All standard credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as well-known online payment method, and you can even offer vouchers.
Click here for a list of all payment modules.

Managing your shop
Make your customers happy, with an array of tools you can apply to your customer accounts and order processing.
Returns can be made easy with an integrated Return Management System. This also makes it easy for you to handle returns. With a centralised CMS, you can offer a first class service, and make the shopping experience better for you and your customers.

Click here for a list of all the modules that create a better customer relationship.

Marketing and advertising
In the product quick-view, you can already give your customers an overview of the most important product features.
You can also highlight this information in your sales and marketing campaigns across different sites, with individually configured banners, and invite your customers with a convincing, professional storefront.
And there’s much more on offer.
Click here to see the PrestaShop addon modules that can help your marketing strategy.

Increase your sales with the industry-standard features:

  • Filtered search results (e.g. based on Price, Colour, Manufacturer, and more)
  • Optimised layouts for product pages
  • A user-friendly navigation through your shop

The PrestaShop Shopping Cart Solution

Customers can save the contents of their shopping cart for a pre-defined period of time. This means they can add items to their cart without having to buy it straight away – they can come back and buy whenever they’re feeling ready.

Learn more about how to use PrestaShop

Expand your knowledge and get the most out of using PrestaShop. In small groups of up to 10 users, the PrestaShop experts teach classes in how best to use PrestaShop.
Courses are on offer for everyone from beginners to advanced users.