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magnalister is your solution for linking to international marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, Priceminister, and many others. Items can be quickly prepared and transmitted with the magnalister plugin in line with the requirements for each marketplace, either one-by-one or by even by whole categories.

Orders in the marketplaces are fully and automatically imported into the web shop and inventory or price changes are synced.

If the goods are shipped or an order is canceled, this information is also automatically transmitted to the marketplace. The shop and the linked ERP together with the magnalister plugin becomes the real control center for your multi-channel marketing plans.

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magnalister Features:

  • prepare items and upload them to the marketplaces
  • match attributes and variations
  • import orders automatically
  • update order status to “shipped” or “canceled” as needed
  • synchronize inventory levels and prices
  • and much more

Experience all the features of the magnalister interface in detail in a free on-screen tutorial from magnalister.


First Steps

magnalister is installed with a few clicks from the Shopware Plugin-Manager and can then be called up under the “Marketing” menu item. In the respective marketplace configuration in the plugin, you specify whether orders are imported automatically and prices and stock quantities are kept synchronous. Via the product preparation and the “Upload” area, individual shop products or entire categories can be published on the marketplaces with just a few clicks.

Shopware with eBay, Amazon, etc.

magnalister has been linking Shopware to the marketplaces since December 2013. The tool is integrated into Shopware as a plug-in and can be accessed under the Marketing menu. This allows Shopware to post items on marketplaces, import orders, and update prices and stock levels with just a few clicks. Once you’ve signed up to sell on a marketplace, the next big challenge is preparing the items for listing.

For example, on eBay, the process is more complex than on other marketplaces, but also offers a greater range of design options. But if you want to keep quick and simple, you can also just use the eBay template.

One-Time Setup: eBay Template and magnalister Variations

You can configure the template in the eBay settings of magnalister. Configuration options include magnalister-defined variables, such as the title of each item, the item number, description, images from Shopware, and global surcharges and discounts (e.g. +10%). You only have to do this once before sending in your first item. If the template is in place and all settings are correct, in the future all items can be uploaded to eBay and listed with just a few clicks.

From now on, you can prepare items to be listed on eBay. You can select all items or search for specific items or filter by category and manufacturer. For all selected articles, you can tweak the settings for category, listing duration, fixed price, or promotional item, for example.

Upload the Items to the Marketplace and Syncing Inventory

Once you have prepared the selected items, you can transfer them with just a few clicks to eBay, Amazon, and many other sites. Unless you change the settings, the system will check the item status in your shop and on other marketplaces. So, for example, if an item is sold on eBay, then the inventory is dropped accordingly on Shopware and Amazon, too. For Amazon, no template is needed and the setup is a little faster.

More Customer Contact with Promotional Emails

You can write a standard email within magnalister that will be sent to every buyer. With this email, you can easily make every single customer aware of your own online shop. You can also offer an incentive for their next purchase by offering coupons.


magnalister is efficient and runs extremely stable even on a shared hosting server. The use of the tool is free for the first 30 days and very inexpensive afterwards: limited data transfers can already be booked from 29.00 EUR per month. A flat rate including 3 marketplace connections for the unlimited transfer of items and stocks costs 79.00 EUR per month. Due to the simple configuration and the really low prices, the combination of Shopware and magnalister is a really great way to build a successful multi-channel strategy.