Online Shopping as a New Experience

Shopware offers numerous features that make shopping online an experience for your customers. A very clear and modern look, flexible customization, responsive design, and an optimized checkout process will help you to significantly increase your conversion rate.

Shopping Worlds Presets:
Using the Power of Emotions to Sell

The current version of Shopware allows you to create with ease professional landing pages or complete shop experiences that appeal emotionally to your customers. Products, images, banners, HTML texts, videos, and much more can be freely positioned in the backend to provide completely individual shopping experiences. This, in turn, will increase the browsing public’s interest in buying and give you a considerable advantage over your competition. The standard version of Shopware already provides various templates with all settings and media integrated so all you need to do is adapt them to your shop. What this looks like in detail can be seen on Shopware pages.

Marketing & SEO

Shopware’s marketing features offer countless possibilities. Many marketing tools are already included in the standard edition. These tools can be used for clever campaigns and for search-engine optimization so that your shop can get a good ranking from Google and the like. Shopware’s standard and responsive templates, for example, are optimized to the latest Google standards.

Customer streams

This Shopware feature lets you target customers with specific offers after filtering them based on criteria of your choosing. More about Shopware customer streams.

Product streams

Focus your customers’ attention on specific product lines. Product streams are search filters that you predefine. The streams are displayed in crucial places, for example on category pages, product detail pages, or even within a themed shop. The advantage: you only need to set up the streams once and then they update automatically, for example, whenever new items are added to the shop that meet the stream’s criteria.

Advanced Promotion Suite

This premium plugin is the all-in-one solution for successful campaigns. The Advanced Promotion Suite readily allows you to integrate versatile, in-store campaigns into your online shop. Campaigns can thus be easily and conveniently timed and planned in advance. This way you’ll no longer miss out on important sales opportunities such as the change in seasons, soccer championships, Oktoberfest, or Christmas.

Shopware ERP powered by Pickware

Shopware ERP powered by Pickware has been an advanced feature of the Shopware Professional Edition since Shopware Version 5.2 and is thus already included for all users of this edition. So all you only need is Shopware Professional Edition.


Pickware integrates all of the functions of an inventory management system directly into the Shopware backend. This means it will no longer be necessary to have an external interface to manage data or deal with faulty syncing. Instead, you have a real-time overview of all your products, sales, orders, revenues, etc. in one place. Pickware integrates your business processes. Order and payment updates are also transferred automatically.