WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin: Sell from WordPress on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Co. and Automate Processes

Connect the world’s most popular shop system with the largest national and international online marketplaces and reach millions of new buyers? With the magnalister WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin this is easy and can be done at fair conditions. Thanks to the core features of the magnalister WooCommerce integration, sellers benefit from significantly more efficient e-commerce processes and a central administration of marketplace orders in WordPress.

In addition to the product upload from WordPress, the scope of services also includes matching of product variations and attributes between shop and marketplaces, price and stock synchronisation, automatic order import and order status matching (e.g. “shipped” incl. tracking code), invoice upload to Amazon and the possibility of plugin customization via so called hook points.

Magnalister is suitable for WooCommerce shop operators of any size and is an ideal tool for e-commerce beginners to quickly list products on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Kaufland, METRO, idealo and many more without any programming skills.

Retailers can now sign up for a 30 day free trial of the magnalister WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin with its full range of features and within this test phase can already benefit from the free customer support as well as a 60-minute online training session.


WooCommerce and magnalister: The most efficient team for multi-channel sales via online marketplaces

From e-commerce beginner to successful marketplace seller on the fast lane: This is exactly what WordPress makes possible when you enhance it with the WooCommerce erp plugin and the powerful magnalister interface. Due to the fact that WordPress makes it incredibly easy to create your own presence on the Internet, millions of people rely on the free content management system.

Even though WordPress as an open source software was not developed explicitly for the e-commerce sector, with WooCommerce, users have a powerful plugin that enables them to turn their WordPress website into an online shop. In its basic version, WooCommerce is also free of charge, which means that future online sellers can plan with the lowest investment costs for setting up their shop.

From a cost perspective, it also makes sense to connect a newly setup WooCommerce shop to the largest national and international online marketplaces and to exploit their target group potential. After all, those who offer their products from WooCommerce, e.g. on Amazon or eBay, can use the reach – i.e. millions of existing marketplace customers – for themselves and their product sales.

The alternative? A promotion of the WooCommerce shop through marketing investments. The problem: marketing your own shop is not only time-consuming and takes a lot of work, but above all costs a lot of money. Among other areas, investments must be made in search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEA), banner advertising (e.g. Google Ads) and social media marketing (e.g. Facebook ads). Thus, self-marketing presents many e-commerce beginners with major hurdles. The connection via the WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin is therefore the easiest and fastest way to expand your online business and make it successful.

The core features of the magnalister WooCommerce integration at a glance

Marketplace merchants that are already active know the problem: Most of the time, a multitude of shopping portals are available for selling their products – but each sales interface, e.g. the Amazon Seller Central or the eBay Seller Hub, is a world of its own. Without a web shop interface, products have to be uploaded separately to each marketplace and orders have to be managed manually.

The solution is to configure the WooCommerce web shop as the central management platform for marketplace sales. Since WooCommerce itself does not offer the possibility to connect to external online marketplaces, merchants are dependent on the use of a WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin. Magnalister is one of the world’s leading interface solutions and is available as a downloadable WordPress plugin free of charge. Our plugin is characterized by the following core features:

Product upload: Upload products directly from WooCommerce to Amazon, eBay and many other marketplaces

  • Upload individual products or whole categories
  • Product customization before transmission (e.g. title, description, images)
  • Clear presentation of the products prepared for marketplace upload in the “Upload” tab

Attribute matching: Match product variations and features with those of marketplaces (e.g. “size” and “color”)*

  • Define product variations and features in WooCommerce and match them with the specifications of the marketplaces
  • Automatic matching for the most popular marketplaces like Amazon
  • In addition: Manual assignment of product variations and attributes

Price matching: Submit prices automatically or individually from WooCommerce to marketplaces

  • Automatic synchronization of current product prices from WooCommerce to Amazon, eBay and Co.
  • Deviating prices per connected marketplace via percentage or fixed price premiums and discounts

Synchronize inventory: Always up-to-date stock levels between WooCommerce product stock and online marketplaces

  • Shop inventory is automatically synchronized with marketplaces
  • With every order in the WooCommerce Shop the stock within the connected market places is automatically reduced by 1
  • With every marketplace order the stock in the WooCommerce Shop is automatically reduced by 1
  • Data basis is the database from the shop system, so that merchandise management systems connected to WooCommerce can also be synchronized
  • Inventory synchronization can be optionally deactivated in the magnalister plugin

Automatic order import: Import and manage of marketplace orders into WooCommerce

  • Marketplace orders are sent to WooCommerce
  • The order number assigned by the marketplace is also imported, so that orders can generally be better assigned and selected
  • Import of shipping and payment method
  • Access to e-mail templates to contact customers directly and inform them about the order status

Order status comparison: Submit order status from WooCommerce to marketplaces (e.g. “shipped”)

  • Automatically transmit order status changes like “shipped” or “cancelled” to marketplace buyers
  • Provision of tracking information such as shipping service provider and tracking code

Invoice Upload: Send invoices created by WooCommerce or magnalister to Amazon

  • Automatically make invoices generated by WooCommerce available to Amazon buyers
  • Alternatively use the magnalister invoice assistant: The plugin creates invoices itself and sends them to Amazon
  • Requirement: Participation in Amazon Business and the Amazon VCS Program (more information here)

Interface customization: Customize the magnalister plugin according to your own preferences via hook-points

  • For example, individualized product descriptions or custom fields in the order information when importing orders
  • Note: Programming skills are required to use hook points

Experience all the features of the magnalister interface in detail in a free on-screen tutorial from magnalister.


Expand internationally: Connect market places worldwide with our WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin

From WooCommerce, you can also directly connect the international offshoots of the largest online marketplaces and country-specific shopping portals and therewith benefit from a worldwide buyer base – this is also possible with our WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin. Currently magnalister offers the following international interfaces:

  • Amazon DE, AT, FR, ES, IT, UK, USA, NL
  • All eBay marketplaces worldwide
  • Etsy (worldwide)
  • Kaufland (Germany)
  • METRO Marketplace (Germany)
  • Hood.de (Germany)
  • Numerous price portals like idealo, billger.de or check24.de (Germany)
  • Cdiscount (France)
  • Rakuten Priceminister (France)
  • Ricardo (Switzerland)

Special internationalization features make it easier to sell in other countries and currencies. Our WooCommerce integration can submit products directly in the respective local currency and breaks down language barriers from the get go by using the languages available in the web shop, which are then stored with the products.

Install WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin in five easy steps and start selling on Amazon, eBay and Co.

From WordPress and WooCommerce, merchants are accustomed to a user-friendly interface and fast installation and setup processes. The same applies for magnalister. The first marketplaces can be connected to the WooCommerce store within minutes. Only the following five steps are necessary:

  1. Download the .zip file of our WooCommerce Listing & Inventory Management Plugin directly from the magnalister website. Select the .zip file in WordPress under “Plugins” -> “Install” -> “Upload plugin” and start the installation. After the installation you have to activate the plugin in WordPress.
  2. Register your magnalister account on our website to start your 30-day free trial period.
  3. Start connecting your desired marketplaces with the magnalister WooCommerce interface. Access a variety of available shopping portals like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Etsy, Kaufland, Cdiscount, Ricardo and many more.
  4. Prepare your shop products for the marketplace upload. In your WooCommerce store, add titles, descriptions, images and features to the items and set shipping costs, delivery times and many other details. In our interface, you now have the possibility to pick the appropriate marketplace category and customize your product to the marketplace specifications.
  5. Publish articles directly from WooCommerce to the marketplaces and generate immediate sales. After you have prepared your products for sale on Amazon, eBay and Co., you can start the submission with a few clicks. Your product is now online on the marketplace!

Support for WooCommerce customers already available in the test phase including 60-minute online training session

Customer service from day one: You can take advantage of our free, multilingual customer support during the installation process. This way, we can provide you with comprehensive support during the installation of the WooCommerce integration and thus facilitate your smooth entry into marketplace sales.

In addition, we will guide you through the most important features of our plugin with a free online training session and help you to register with the first marketplace and link it to magnalister.

Our support team can be reached via the following channels:

  • Via phone – if it has to be done quickly or if it gets a bit more complex
  • Via e-mail – with prompt written feedback
  • Via live chat – very uncomplicated and also a good point of entry for the initial consultation

Convinced? Then test our Shopify marketplace interface now in our 30 day free trial.

During the first 30 days you can test all features of the magnalister interface extensively and connect the first marketplaces to your WooCommerce store. Download our WordPress Plugin now and open your magnalister account:


* Feature only available for marketplaces that support product variations and attributes