Connect the World’s Leading Online Marketplaces with the Shopify Inventory Management App from magnalister

Showcase your products on the world’s most popular national and international online marketplaces, gain new clients, increase your sales, and automate follow-up processes all at once with the Shopify inventory management plugin from magnalister.

You love Shopify thanks to its easy installation process and intuitive handling. And that’s why you will also be happy with our plugin. Via Shopify’s App Store, you can install the plugin and get your free trial including all features. But first, let us tell you about the highlights of our Shopify inventory management app:

  • Product upload: push your products directly from Shopify to marketplaces
  • Price synchronization: submit prices automatically or individually (per marketplace)
  • Inventory synchronization: Sync your Shopify inventory with all linked marketplaces
  • Automatic order import: pull and manage marketplace orders
  • Attributes matching: match product variants and attributes with those of a marketplace
  • Order status synchronization: submit order statuses such as “sent” or “canceled” to marketplaces
  • Individualization: Customize your plugin via hook points

Shopify makes multi channel distribution easy for its users. The shop system is designed for the use of various sales channels, especially with pre-integrated social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Additionally, Shopify allows you to seamlessly integrate individual products to an external website (i.e. a blog) with Buy Buttons.

And besides social media why not sell your products via the world’s leading shopping portals? With the latter you can rapidly reach a multitude of people, even internationally. Because magnalister makes this possible, the plugin is one of the most important Shopify Apps and a must-have for Shopify beginners as well as established dealers who are looking for new ways to distribute their products.

Because all product management takes place within the Shopify backend, our plugin can be used together with a Shopify inventory management system. That’s how information about current Shopify inventory or marketplace orders can be submitted to an inventory management system that’s compatible with Shopify.

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Our Plugin Features Will Simplify Your Shopify Inventory Management

Upload your products to all linked marketplaces directly from your Shopify backend. You can choose between uploading single selected products or uploading in bulk. Customize your products prior to submitting them, i.e. through different titles, their own article description or additional product images*. Submitting products to large marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay is even easier. Through automatic product matching, i.e. thanks to a unique identification number (GTIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN, MPN), your articles are matched with the marketplace and uploaded.

Match your Shopify and marketplace product prices. Submit product prices directly from your Shopify backend to linked marketplaces. Prices that are changed within your Shopify shop will automatically synchronize with the marketplaces, unless you want to sell the same product for a different price through various distribution channels. The Shopify inventory management plugin draws on Shopify customer groups and lets you increase product prices percentually or absolutely.

Automate order import between marketplaces and Shopify. Being able to manage orders centrally is essential for your shop and its connected distribution channels. The order import feature of our Shopify inventory management app submits all marketplace orders to the Shopify shop system including information about payment and shipping method that the marketplace customer chose. This makes it much easier for you as a merchant to fulfill orders.

Automatically synchronize your inventory throughout all channels. Let’s say a product is out of stock, either in your Shopify store or a marketplace. Thanks to our inventory feature, your Shopify inventory is synced to your marketplace inventory and both stay uptodate. Because inventory information is provided centrally within Shopify, you are able to use compatible Shopify inventory management systems**.

Synchronize order status changes with connected marketplaces. Obviously, your customers want to know about their order status when they are logged into their marketplace account. Thanks to our Shopify inventory management plugin, you can directly submit order status changes such as “sent” or “canceled” to all connected marketplaces. Quickly submitting order changes is a relevant ranking criteria for large marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

Match product variants and attributes with connected marketplaces. Already during product preparation you can synchronize article attributes with marketplace requirements. This means no more cumbersome post-editing of product details.

Learn from error reports and prepare your articles even better for marketplaces. Each marketplace has its own rules for submitting and presenting products. On top of that, these shopping platforms perform regular updates. Thanks to error reports within our Shopify inventory management app you can see exactly how you have to improve your product preparation to successfully publish your products to marketplaces.

Keep an overview of your inventory. Which products did you prepare to upload? Which articles are being evaluated by marketplaces? And which items have been published already? You can view all of this information within the inventory overview per connected marketplace. That’s how you keep an eye on all running processes.

Customize the magnalister plugin according to your needs. Our Shopify inventory management plugin lets you determine your own requirements to manage marketplaces. Whether you want to add specific information when uploading articles or individualize order import, hook points let you adjust effortlessly***. And if there’s a plugin update, your customization will stay the same because of an update-secure plugin folder. 

Experience all the features of the magnalister interface in detail in a free on-screen tutorial from magnalister.


First Steps With Our Plugin to Get the Most Out of Your Shopify Inventory Management

It only takes a few quick steps to sell your first product on Amazon, eBay, etc.:

  1. Search for the magnalister App in the Shopify App Store and install it into your shop system. Once you found the app, go to its overview page and click on “Add app”. Next, you will be asked to sign into your Shopify account. Confirm the app installation. Now you’re able to view the Shopify inventory management plugin in your Shopify backend under “Apps.”
  2. Use our setup assistant to create your magnalister account. You don’t even have to leave Shopify for this because the wizard will take you through a quick registration process to start your free trial.
  3. Connect suitable marketplaces via our Shopify inventory management plugin. Link a large variety of shopping portals such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping, etc. to Shopify****.
  4. Prepare your shop products for marketplace upload. Add titles, product descriptions, images, and attributes to your items and specify shipping costs, delivery times, and many more details before you submit your products to the marketplaces.
  5. Publish your products directly from Shopify to marketplaces and generate your first sales. Our Shopify inventory management plugin lets you manage the most important processes directly from your Shopify backend.

Sell on Marketplaces That Fit Your Products

No matter if you have a large target audience, perhaps even an international one, or a small, rather specific group of customers that you want to reach with your products, our Shopify inventory management plugin offers excellent distribution opportunities thanks to the large variety of marketplaces you can connect.

As of January 2019, the following marketplaces are supported:

  • Amazon (Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, UK, USA)
  • eBay (worldwide)
  • Etsy (worldwide)
  • Google Shopping (worldwide)
  • Rakuten (France (formerly “Priceminister”))
  • (Germany)
  • (Germany)
  • Ricardo (Swiss)
  • (Germany)
  • Cdiscount (France)
  • (Germany)

If you own several accounts with a single marketplace (i.e. several Amazon Seller Central accounts), you can use them as separate distribution channels in the Shopify plugin.

First-class Support for Ecommerce Beginners

Customer support from Day 1: You can already use our free, multilingual customer support service during the installation process. We help you set up magnalister and simplify your start into multi channel marketplace distribution.

We also offer a free onscreen tutorial to help you through the most important features of our plugin. We assist you in registering with the marketplaces and linking your marketplace accounts to magnalister.

You can reach our support team via the following channels:

  • E-mail: get a quick response in writing
  • Live Chat: straightforward and great for an initial consultation

Convinced? Then Try our Shopify Inventory Management App for Free!

Either download the magnalister app from the Shopify App Store or register directly on our website:

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* Customization options depend on the marketplace to which product will be uploaded.
** Feature description can vary depending on connected third party system (i.e. inventory management system)
*** Customization via hook points requires programming knowledge
**** Additional fees for connecting several marketplaces according to magnalister’s rate may apply.